Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Letters to Aden: 13 Months

Aden Bear,

You are 13 months old now! (Almost 14 months ... Mama's a little behind in writing this letter to you). Goodness, you are changing and growing rapidly these days. The change in time around one year of age always amazes me when babies go from dependent infants to adventurous toddlers. And that you are, Aden; full of curiosity with a strong desire to learn all about the world around you.

This month, you're pulling up to standing often. You love the musical table toy we have in the living room and will stand there for seemingly forever to play with the buttons and gadgets. You're quite unsure about taking steps just yet and start to fuss when I prompt you to walk around holding my hands. As is characteristic of your personality, you're not one to quickly jump into things. You like to practice, improve and be sure you're ready to take the next leap into something new. Your main method of transportation is crawling and you're very fast at getting around the house. You follow Tory down the hallway to and from her bedroom and love when she lets you play alongside her. The other day I caught you standing on top of a step stool and attempting to climb onto the play kitchen. You can also climb stairs, but have yet to figure out how to safely go back down again.

Verbally, you've shown big advancement this month. You now say the words "uh-oh," "dada" and "mama" (but I've only heard you call out for me specifically when you're upset). Of course, you'll happily utter "dada" all day long. Sometimes you'll sign "more" and "all done" while you're eating and can make the sound "arf" for dog and sometimes "baa" for sheep. Your love for dogs is evident and you'll make a barking sound whenever you see a picture of a dog in a book or Chloe (our dog) catches your eye in a room.

We attend music classes each week and you have a seriously love for tunes. You squeal with delight and clap your hands feverishly during music class and when toys at home play songs. Pat-a-cake is your favorite sing-a-long tune and you'll clap and yell "yay!" as we sing it to you. There isn't much you don't love, though. You are such a happy, easy-going boy. Not a day goes by I don't hear someone say what an infectious smile you have.

In other news, at the pediatrician's recommendation this month, I switched you from soy formula to Silk soy milk to drink in addition to eating solid food. Unfortunately, the new milk didn't agree with your tummy and we spent a week or two battling very messy diapers and sleepless nights. Rice and almond milk weren't any better, so for now you're back to drinking soy formula in bottles. You're a big eater otherwise and love fruits and vegetables. Some of your favorites are peas and carrots, green beans, mandarin oranges, peaches, pears, mangos, as well as (dairy-free) buttered noodles, spaghetti, diced chicken and fish.

In your 13th month, we celebrated your second Thanksgiving, traveled by airplane to celebrate Christmas with our Nebraska family, played in the snow for the first time this season and you met Santa Claus for the second time in your life (you were not a fan). Life with you keeps getting better and better, Aden. You're so full of positive energy and happiness. I love you more than words can say.


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  1. Oh poor boy and his tummy troubles! Hope he grows out of that. He is as adorable as ever and I can TELL that he truly is so happy and easy-going.