Friday, January 23, 2015

3/52 (A Weekly Photo Series)

Last Sunday at the cabin, Andi gave me a quick lesson in shooting outdoors with his long range Canon 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 lens, and it was loads of fun learning tricks of the trade in a new environment. Natural light! Gorgeous backgrounds! Very different than shooting indoors as I have been the last two weeks. I took some adorable photographs of our family playing in the snow and shared many of them in my Winter Fun at the Lake Cabin post earlier this week, but here's a few others:

My guy; he's usually the one behind the lens so snapshots of Andi are few and far between. It was fun taking photos of him doing things that he loves at the cabin; putzing around in the Ranger, checking ice fishing tip-ups on the lake, tinkering around with this or that.

Andi, Lindsay and Kyle had a harmless snowball fight with Tory on the lake Saturday morning. Tory squealed with delight the entire time. You could tell she was half-thrilled by adrenaline and half-nervous they were going to pelt her in the face. Ha!

I've looked at these photographs over and over this week and smile every time because I truly feel blessed to live the life I do surrounded by these wonderful people.


I'm also thankful for the loving relationship Tory and Aden share. I know I sound like a broken record, but it amazes me how well these two get along. Tory's so patient in sharing toys or showing Aden how things work, and he watches her with the greatest admiration.

It's funny how at 14 months old, Aden has already perfected the "cheese!" face when he catches sight of a camera in the room. Roughly three more years until I get a natural smile out of him again. 

I snapped this photo of Tory sitting on my bed, flipping through pages of a Fancy Nancy book. We're both obsessed with Fancy Nancy these days, and various titles are on repeat at every story time. I think they're adorable to read, and get a kick out of Tory using words like "unique" and "brilliant" in everyday conversation. Too cute! 


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  1. Awww…the two kids playing together. Love that :)