Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Winter Fun at the Lake Cabin

Andi's sister Lindsay and her husband Kyle joined us at the lake cabin this past weekend and together we enjoyed one of the best winter weekends this season. It was a good mix of relaxation and fun outdoors in the warm weather we've been having ("warm" being a relative term, of course, as temperatures were in the mid 30's).

Lindsay and Kyle arrived at the cabin shortly after we did on Friday night and we all spent the evening lounging around the living room, playing toys with the kids. Saturday morning, Andi made everyone omelets for breakfast while Tory roped Lindsay and I into a competitive game of Chutes and Ladders (or "Slides and Chutes" as Tory calls it), all before 9:00am. Then, we packed up snacks and supplies for lunch and dressed in our winter gear to spend the day ice fishing and playing outside on Pipe Lake. I brought along walking tacos, pickle roll-ups and carrots and celery sticks which turned out being the perfect eats for inside the ice house.

These two make everything into a race these days, and it's so adorable. Down the hallway at home. Through the snow on the lake. On this day they started behind a line drawn with Andi's boot in the snow, so obviously it was very official.

Aden was a grump by lunchtime, so I took him back to the cabin for a nap while Andi, Tory, Lindsay and Kyle stayed in the ice house to do more fishing. Sadly, they weren't catching much so they packed it up around dinnertime. After Tory and Aden were in bed, Lindsay and Kyle made us homemade White Queso Chicken and Rice Soup for dinner and the four of us enjoyed a quiet, relaxing evening together.

Sunday was filled with more outdoor fun. Andi took Tory, Lindsay and Kyle ice fishing on nearby Staples Lake in the morning while I stayed back at the cabin with Aden. I learned my lesson from the day before and decided to let Aden nap at the cabin vs. battling a tired, cranky baby (toddler? GAH!) all morning. The crew came back around lunchtime and we grilled hot dogs and hobo potatoes at the cabin. Then, Andi built a bonfire in the backyard and we spent the rest of the afternoon playing in the snow.

It was the perfect conditions for building a snowman, and I do believe this was Tory and Aden's first one. Tory properly named him/her "Princess Olaf." We won't be back to the lake cabin for two weeks so I hope it's still standing upon our return.

Such a fun weekend at the lake!


  1. Such perfect pictures! Love this. Two thumbs up for sure for this mild weather we've been having.

  2. I love how you embrace the cold outdoor weather so well! : ) I am terrible getting the kids out in the cold - not because they don't like it, but because I don't! Ha! Love all the pictures : )