Friday, January 30, 2015

4/52 (A Weekly Photo Series)

Four weeks in, this weekly photo series is doing exactly as I'd hoped: telling the story of our lives one photo at a time. I have several favorite photographs from the week, and some of them sum up Tory and Aden's personalities and individual interests perfectly. 


Tory loves to play dress-up. Most days, she's twirling around the living room wearing a Cinderella ball gown, plastic high heels, bracelets, necklaces and a tiara. I spied her sprawled out in her overstuffed chair over the weekend in a pose that flashed me straight to her teenage years. 

Every single toy we own is in heavy rotation as we play indoors during the wintertime. These hand puppets from our KoalaCrate subscription box have been a big hit lately with both Tory and Aden.

Tory learned about the letters "T" and "I" at preschool this week and because T is the first letter of her name, she got to wear a special paper crown at school. Tory's favorite days at school are the ones she's singled out as a special person in the group. On this day, Tory was not only designated the "leader" for the day, but also had the privilege of wearing the special letter crown. She was in heaven. 

Oh, Aden. This boy has my heart.

With every passing day, Aden becomes more curious about the world around him. One of his favorite things lately is this ride-on Planes toy he received for his birthday. He recently learned how to move the plane back and forth like a rocking horse, and squeals with delight when he's taking it for a ride. 

Busted! This boy will not stop eating dog food. What am I going to do with him?!

I remember Tory obsessively climbing through this end table as a toddler, and Aden is following suit. It wouldn't be such a big deal except Aden cries for help about a million times a day when he's stuck and can't get back out.

Aden isn't walking yet, but he's very, very close. He pulls up to his feet and cruises along furniture, walks easily with assistance and can even stand for a few seconds by himself. Instead of crawling to get around, he's started hopping around on his knees like a bunny to get from place to place. It's the funniest thing to see. 


  1. Love that first picture of T - girly girl after my own heart :)
    And the one of A on the plane - all boy! How funny that he likes to eat dog food, lol!

  2. I love that you are doing this. Such great memories you are capturing. I especially love the first picture of Tory - so much personality there.