Tuesday, July 6, 2010

340 days ...

This time last year I was counting the days until my wedding day. I could tell you (and believe I told everyone!) the exact number of days until I'd become Andi's wife.

And today? It's been 340 days since I have been. Hard to believe how fast it's flown by.

Our first wedding anniversary is quickly approaching on July 31. I've put some considerable thought into how I want to celebrate the 365 day mark with my husband. I'm excited for it to come and yet I'm sad this day has come so quickly. We'll never be newlyweds again... so we have to celebrate BIG!

At the beginning of the summer we talked about going to the cabin for our anniversary. Since our wedding was small and simple, we considered having a big party to celebrate with our closest friends. We were also afraid we wouldn't have enough time up there this summer. But since we've been to the cabin 10+ times already we decided to do something else to celebrate. Just us two.

You all know how Andi is about planning travel. He's wicked good at it and makes it his mission to find the absoluate best deal out there. For the last two weeks, he's talked to just about everyone we know soliciting suggestions on cool places in the U.S. We considered Europe for a hot second but I don't have enough vacation stored up to be gone for more than a day or two. We considered the Smoky Mountains in North Carolina or driving the coast of the Appalachians but none of the flight deals worked with our travel dates. And then last night Andi suggested Vancouver, Canada ... and then this morning he called and said he booked tickets!

So we're going to Vancouver for our anniversary!!!

I have no idea what we're going to do when we get there. I've never been to Canada so I'm excited to go somewhere new and explore. Have any of you ever been there? I'm sure my husband will find a great adventure for us.

One thing I do want to do to celebrate back home is spend an evening at Noerenberg Gardens - the place we said "I do." It get all teary-eyed thinking about going back there and reciting our vows to one another. It's going to be a special month for sure.

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