Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July Recap

Fourth of July felt like a regular 'ole weekend to me this year, I told Andi a few times today. With a gorgeous cabin on the lake and many of our closest friends around us we ate, drank and laughed ourselves silly ... which feels like standard protocol around here lately.

Saying we're lucky would be an understatement.

We had another fabulous (extended) weekend at the cabin -- this time, celebrating America's independence.

On Thursday afternoon, Andi and I drove up North to meet our friends Derrick and Ellie (who drove in from Chicago earlier in the week) and our friend Brian. Derrick and Ellie are two of our closest friends and we always have a blast spending time with them. That night we made dinner, relaxed at the cabin and took a sunset cruise on the lake. Pure heaven as far as I'm concerned.

Andi hired a fishing guide for early Friday morning and took Derrick and Brian fishing on nearby Pelican Lake. At first, Andi wanted the fishing expedition to be a couple thing, but after receiving a firm "no" to my questions "can I tan on the boat?" and "will there be drinking?" I politely suggested it best be a "boys only" activity. So the boys set out for fishing bright and early at 6:00am and made out big (!) bringing home 28 Northern, Bass and Walleye fish (and those were only the keepers). They were so excited as they told Ellie and I all about their adventures that morning. It couldn't have been any cuter.

Derrick (L) and Andi (R) with a small mouth bass

Derrick got a big one!

What a handsome hunk (the boy - not the fish!)

Derrick (L) and Brian (R) reeling in their catch

Back at the cabin on Friday afternoon, the five of us hit the grocery and liquor store to stock up for the weekend and spend the remainder of the afternoon on the pontoon for more fishing and sun tanning (well, OK girl talk).

Friday evening, our friends Tom and Niki, John and Carna, Justin and Jessica, and Levi and Kristin came over for a fresh fish fry. After dinner as we were all gathered on the outdoor patio drinking cocktails, laughing and talking I had one of those "freeze in your tracks" moments where I realized how lucky Andi and I are to have this life. We have some amazing friends. I couldn't think of a better place I'd rather be.

(L-R) Levi, Kristin, Derrick, Ellie

Well, except at my niece Brookie's 3rd birthday party which was also happening Friday night in Nebraska. My dad sent me some photos / video of her little birthday celebration and I was able to talk to her for a bit on the phone. She told me how she's three years old now and how she blew out her candles. We're heading back to Nebraska next weekend for her official family birthday party on Saturday - can't wait to give her a squeeze!

Saturday we opted to do something new. After Brian's girlfriend Melissa drove up from the Cities we headed into town to tube down the Pine River. Ever been tubing down the river? An afternoon of floating down a river in a gigantic black inter tube, tied to a floating cooler of beer is an absolute summer rite of passage. While this river was a tad on the shallow side (I think Andi spent more time walking / pulling my tube down the river) we still have a great time basking in the Minnesota sun.

Saturday night we opted for dinner on the town at Old Milwaukee Club in Ideal Corners, Minnesota. This is the place that serves all-you-care-to-eat something or other every night (Saturday night was chicken) and the place I know Andi will drag us back to for all-you-care-to-eat crab legs night before the summer ends. While I did not partake in the AYCTE chicken, I did have a great steak. And better yet, our bill was $31.00. Seriously, who can beat that?

Sunday (good lord, yes! this weekend celebration is still going!) we woke up, made breakfast and headed into town for some last-minute groceries. Upon arrival back to the cabin, we spontaneously decided to enter the Lake O'Brien boat parade and pulled out our White Trash Party attire. We had about 20 minutes to pull our gear together (nothing like planning ahead with our group!) then we hauled outside, loaded up the boat and joined the parade just in time blaring "Proud to be an American" as we cruised the banks of the lake.

Following this ... well, it's all a blur. I can tell you everyone had a very good time....

Cruising during the Fourth of July Boat Parade

(L-R) Melissa, Ellie and I
Finally rockin' our white trash attire!

My sexy husband
Hands down, best outfit of the day!

Our friend Joe
The jean bandanna was my fav

Ellie and I

Melissa and Brian

Ellie and Derrick

The Game of Skipping Rocks
Give boys water, lake rocks and booze and they'll always find entertainment

Robin, our 4th of July visitor from Nebraska
If this doesn't sum up our day, I don't know what does...

And today .... we're home. Exhausted from a great weekend with friends. Very thankful for all we have. Happy birthday America!


  1. Oh, that sounds like so much fun.

  2. Everytime you post about your friends and the lake I get so homesick! Looks like a fantastic weekend!