Saturday, July 31, 2010

Vancouver: Day 3

Happy anniversary to the love of my life!

One year ago today, I married the most charismatic, handsome, brilliant person I've ever known and promised to love him unconditionally for the rest of my life.

Tonight at 5:00pm (which is 7:00pm CST - the exact moment we said "I Do" one year ago) we said cheers over a bottle of wine and the beautiful British Columbia backdrop. We recounted the way we felt that day, the way our nerves floated away into the air as we saw each other and knew we were about to embark on the greatest adventure of our lives. Here's to Andi - my soul mate and my best friend. I love you more than you'll ever know.


Today is also Day 3 of our trip to British Columbia. Andi let me sleep in this morning and I awoke around 9:00am to the gorgeous view of the water and the mountains outside our window. Andi had been up for a few hours already and booked us massages At The Water's Edge Spa just down the road. He'd also spent the early morning photographing the forest near our bed and breakfast Seastone which is so peaceful and serene. The British Columbia license plates tout this as the best place on Earth and I'm starting to agree - it's paradise.

We spent the rest of the morning at the spa each having a massage and relaxing by the waterfront. This trip has been so relaxing, lots of time reading by the water and quality time together. Yesterday Andi was laughing at me a little - I fell asleep TWICE during our conversations. It just feels so nice to shut my brain off and unwind.

The Spa

Afterwards we ate lunch in town, then drove up the coast to Smuggler's Cove - a hiking trail about a half hour outside of Sechelt. We had a great time walking inside the forest of trees and taking in all the breathtaking views of the water below. There's tons of gigantic boats here - huge sailing, yachts and catamarans in almost every bay. Andi was laughing at me observing the bark peeling off one of the trees on our hike - I never cease to amaze him, he said. I guess if there's one thing he accomplished in knowing me it's turning this city girl into an outdoorsy one (somewhat, at least). Today at Smuggler's Cove was fun! We laughed and talked as we hiked along the trails. A great way to spend our anniversary together.

Tonight there's a neighborhood pig roast down by the water at our place. The owners invited us down to celebrate the long weekend - British Columbia Day is on Monday and everyone has the day off of work. We'll probably cruise down there for a bit and hang with the locals.

Tomorrow we leave the Sunshine Coast early and take the ferry back to Vancouver. Our plan's to drive up to Whistler before flying home late tomorrow night. Although our time in B.C. is nearing an end, we're enjoying spending time together on our very first wedding anniversary.

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