Saturday, July 24, 2010

Signs We're Getting Old

My brother's visiting this weekend and brought along three of his college-age friends. While I'm trying my best to be the "cool" big sister who can handle them partying and scouting for girls, inside I'm secretly biting my nails and watching out the window a gazillion times to see if they're home safely. Five minutes into their arrival, I gave them a run-down of my house rules: be respectful of the neighbors (no peeing in the alley behind our house!), no drinking and driving and no smoking. Yesterday they went to the Apple River for some drunkin' tubing down the river and both Andi and I mentioned how pissed we'd be if one of them didn't stay sober to drive home. I ask you - when was the moment I turned into my mother?!

Being much overdue, I decided to mow, trim and weed the lawn yesterday.When I finished the 2 hour activity of maintaining a yard the size of a matchbox, my legs were so tired I could barely stand. What used to be a routine activity now requires stretching?

Last night Andi and I went to Lumberjack Days in Stillwater, Minnesota. We patted ourselves on the back a few times for actually doing something fun on a Friday night. Novel idea, right? We're usually exhausted after a long work week. We walked around the community festival, ate corn dogs and nachos. It was another one of those moments where I felt stuck in the middle.  Everyone there was either 16 and wearing the smallest shorts possible (with matching skinny 16yo legs) or parents with babies in Ergo carriers. We had neither. After a few hours of wandering around, we went to Target and were in bed by 10pm.

Life as a 29 year old is lively.

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