Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Facebook: bad emails in disguise

I'm taking this opportunity to climb on top of my soap box and proclaim: I'm taking a Facebook time-out.

I used to reveal in Facebook's trip to la la land. A five minute time-out in the middle of the day to read funny, quirky updates from friends and family members. Lately though, it feels like every post is a link to someone's event in which I'm invited to donate $$, someone peddling a friend's arts and crafts for sale, someone inviting the world to join them in their next half marathon or someone requesting I re-post a message about loving my grandma. I do love my grandma but seriously, does anyone else feel like Facebook news feeds have become walking social advertisements? Facebook today is morphing into email forwards of the past.

Not to sound croggity, but I'm feeling all over advertised to in my personal space and it's not cool.

Unfortunately, I can't pause Facebook use completely because I'm the social media person at work and I'm required to post on our work page every day. So I guess I'm saying, I vow to let Facebook suck less of my time. And I vow to de-friend all people who post 1) benefits/causes you're peddling 2) arts/crafts you're peddling 3) the latest fitness craze you're peddling 4) and any of you who ask me to re-post anything like a bad 90's forward. Consider yourself warned.

[stepping off of my soap box now]

The end.


  1. I'm guilty of posting a link to a webpage where all of my wedding leftovers are listed for sale. Not a repeat offender, but I still felt embarrassed.

    I have a friend-of-a-friend on FB who is, like, the Queen of Pyramid Schemes. She jumps from home-based moneymaking thing to the next Silpada, some home hair thing, candles, diet shakes, and now some workout/diet plan that she shills about 3+ times a day. I didn't have the heart to unfriend her so I hid her instead. So annoying.

  2. I'm so with you! Plus, all the lame-o links people put up of music videos or random, boring news articles. I don't enjoy going on there half as much anymore.

  3. I'm giving it up again for Lent this year and I'm actually really looking forward to it.