Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How to Celebrate? That is the Question...

Thanks for everyone's feedback on my post Cancun or Crosslake? the other day. Andi and I are still up in the air about my 30th birthday plans coming up in a few weeks. We haven't decided on a final plan yet, but I do know we're no longer planning to go to Cancun. (Well, I say that with 99% certainty; not planning to go there until we find some hot last-minute deal between now and then). 

The Crosslake cabin was really winning out in my mind. I like the idea of spending an entire weekend with Andi, away from everything else. Perhaps a little spa-time action? It all sounds nice to me. Except for the fact that it's so damn cold here and by this time of the year, I'm just sick of it.

Andi suggested a quick weekend trip to San Diego for my birthday weekend and I really think this one might win out. I've never been to San Diego and temperatures in the 70's sound peachy. Plus, I think doing something goofy like going to the San Diego Zoo sounds incredibly fun.

We haven't booked anything yet, and truthfully I probably won't. I'll let Andi take the lead on this one. Surprise me! It's my birthday and I feel the need to be celebrated.

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