Monday, January 31, 2011

In Hair-y Trouble

My mom says she can always tell when I've done something she won't approve of. When I was in college, she said she knew when I got back together with an ex-boyfriend she didn't like or I didn't follow up on a request she'd asked me to complete. And how did she know?

She says I stop calling home, and I think she's right. I've been avoiding calling home all weekend.

Don't freak out, Mom, but I cut my hair again. I know you won't be pleased.

Okay sure, I'm 29 years old so I can make a decision as simple as getting a haircut without my mom's permission. But you see, there's something about moms and how they're always right. I should've listened to her.

Late Thursday night, I got a wild hair (pardon the pun) and decided I'd had enough of the awkward, middle stage my hair was in. I've been trying to grow it out for a few months now and it had reached just below my shoulders. My hair looked frumpy and unshapely. I called and made a hair appointment for the following evening. My hair stylist tried to convince me to keep it long and go with blunt bangs instead, but I told her no. I wanted to go back to the cute, short haircut I'd had for a year before.

And now I'm sorry I did it. Dang it! Why are moms always right? I don't like my new haircut at all. I thought at least Andi would like it (because he likes my hair shorter) but he didn't even notice! When he came home from his business trip yesterday he said to the dog "Chloe, I like your haircut." Yep it's true, Chloe did get a haircut last week ... BUT SO DID YOUR WIFE! In his defense, he finally noticed last night.

Well, what can I do now? Nothing but start the long process of growing it out all over again. Next time Mom, I'll listen to you. Promise!


  1. Oh I think it looks fab! But I know the buyer's remorse with haircuts as I've been there :)

  2. I always regret it when I cut my hair- even when it looks cute like yours does!

  3. You both are so sweet :) Thanks.

    It's growing on me a little bit. Always takes a few days I suppose.