Saturday, January 29, 2011

Home Sweet Home

It's 8:30pm on a Saturday and I'm exhausted. Somewhere between back then and this very moment, I became OLD. A day like today makes me so thankful I have an awesome home to relax in tonight.

I woke up early this morning - 5:30am on a Saturday kind of early. I turned on the news, flipped open the computer and eventually made myself a bowl of cereal. I was pretty much up for the day. Around 9:00am, I met my friend Kristin who's moving to the Twin Cities next month from Kansas City. I volunteered to tote Kristin around town on an apartment hunting expedition. We went ALL OVER the city today - saw apartments in St. Paul, Uptown, downtown, Northeast, St. Louis Park and St. Anthony areas. Eight hours later, we saw tons of apartments and nothing that matched her interest or expectations.

Makes me realize just how lucky Andi and I are to own our house (duplex). And how great of a deal we're giving our renters! They've got an awesome 2-bedroom with laundry, included cable/internet/sewer/water/trash, free parking, a backyard (with grass and a grill!), great neighborhood and ahem, awesome neighbors for seriously $500 less than most of the tiny apartments we saw today.

After apartment hunting, we met another co-worker for dinner at Bonfire. We ate and laughed over the funny leasing agents we met today. I do hope she finds something she loves, and hopefully something close to my house so we'll be able to hang out too.

Now I'm off to bed. Can barely keep my eyes open! Good night, everyone.

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