Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Easter Basket Goodies

Hip, hop, hooray! Easter's on the way!

Easter is one of my favorite holidays because it summons so many fond childhood memories. Beautiful floral dresses, ruffly socks and white patent leather shoes; the smell of the crisp morning air on our family's way to church; plastic Easter egg hunts in the backyard with cousins; special goodies left by the Easter bunny; and, everything is so sunny and bright with the promise of spring and warmer temperatures on the way.

We're staying in Minnesota for Easter this year for the first time ever. I'll miss my Nebraska family, but I'm also excited to create Easter traditions for our family in our own home. We'll attend an Easter service at church and host Andi's immediate family afterwards for brunch. Of course, the Easter Bunny will be paying Tory and Aden a special visit too. They'll get plenty of candy and treats from family, so I, er, the Easter Bunny stuck to bigger non-food items they need, books and a few extra trinkets when filling their Easter baskets this year. Here's what they'll receive Easter Day:

Age 3 1/2

1. Little People Easter Is Here Book: Tory is obsessed with these lift-the-flap books. I like how durable the pages and flaps hold up to repeated use. We also have the Valentine's Day one, so I'm anxious to add this book to our seasonal collection.

2. Carter's Hula Girl Hooded Towel: With baths and swimming lessons for two little kids each week, our household could use a few more kid-sized bath towels.

3. Koosh Ball: Remember these? I was standing in line at a local coffee shop last week and spotted these koosh balls on display. Oh, the memories! The kids are going to love them.

4. Reese's Pieces candy: Okay, every Easter basket needs a little candy ...

5. Foam Water Blaster (similar here): On vacation last month, one little boy had a squirt gun like this at the pool. It was so easy for the kids to fill up and use by themselves. Perfect for the lake this summer!

6. Sunglasses: Target Dollar Spot. We own a thousand pairs; obviously need one more for summertime.

7. Crayola Grow With Me Flower Pot:  Tory has shown interest lately in planting seeds and watching flowers grow. I thought this would be a fun learning project to do together.

8. Princess Notebook: Typical first-born Tory loves to make lists in notebooks.

9. Speedo Water Shoes: I buy Tory a pair of water shoes every summer. They're perfect for the lake cabin.

10. Lip Smackers: Disgustingly perfect Easter flavors, no less -- Bubble Gum, Jelly Bean and Pink Chocolate

11. Bubble Gun: The Easter Bunny brought Tory a similar bubble gun last Easter, and it was so fun and easy for her to use.


Age 1 1/2  

1. Carter's Swim Shirt and Trunks: Aden could use another swimming suit for summer, so ...

2. Munchkin Scooper Hooper Bath Toy: New bath toys are always welcome in our house. I like to rotate in new toys (and disgard old ones after they get icky).

3. Koosh Ball: Aden loves balls, and he's going to flip over this one.

4. Foam Water Blaster (similar here): Aden probably won't be able to work this toy on his own, but I figured I better keep things fair when it comes to water toys this summer.

5. Carter's Shark Hooded Towel: More bath towels!

6. Bubble Gun: Aden might be a little young for this toy, but in an effort to avoid fights this summer I bought each child one. What is it about bubbles that makes kids so crazy??

7. Bubble Bath: Need some!

8. Elmo Easter Book: Aden loves musical books, so I think he'll really enjoy this Elmo one.


  1. Very cute idea to give them bath towels! Fun and handy :) And the bath toys too - that's my go-to bday gift for babies and toddlers lately. Everyone needs new bath toys, right?!
    I totally cheated this year…they got so many Easter baskets last year between us and grandparents, that I packed a good portion of it all away after a week or so and it's all going right back into their Easter baskets for this year, haha! I mean, there are only so many Easter books we need, right?! And they aren't going to remember them a whole year later. I don't think! But I do have an extra basket filled and ready for Miss E…I just hope she is here to get it by then!

  2. The flower pot is a great idea! I love the water toys too, where did ya get those ones? Target?

  3. Courtney - The water toys were from Target. They sell them on Amazon too, but they were more expensive.

  4. The boys always get new swimsuits and towels but this year they just don't need them ... I might go the way of water toys (we bought these water balloon launchers for one of their friend's birthday and I bet they'd like them too) and sunglasses and maybe new shoes? We put almost no candy in the baskets because there is always candy. Always.

  5. Water shoes! Genius! We did a swim theme for callie - towels, bathing suits, etc with being on the lake but I didn't think about water shoes!