Monday, March 30, 2015

Stitch Fix #5

I received my fifth Stitch Fix shipment last week, and it was the first time I wasn't WOW'd by everything I received. I still love this service a bunch, but I was disappointed this around. Bummer!

I've requested only clothing (no accessories) in my shipments, and this time I specifically asked for no pants (even though I love every pair of pants Stitch Fix has sent me; I just have quite a few pairs of pants now) and also for a layering jacket, cardigan or vest of some sort to help transition from cooler to warmer weather months.

Here's what I received:

Dear John Marson Wide Leg Demin Trouser

My first thought when I pulled these jeans from the box was hmm, I requested no pants this time, but I decided to give my stylist the benefit of the doubt. I mean, seriously, how does Stitch Fix find so many great pairs of pants for my body type? Maybe she saw this pair of pants and knew I had to have them...

These pants were a good fit in the waist, but the length was slightly too long on me. They probably would've been fine with a heel, but I know I'll honestly never wear a heeled shoe. My Stitch Fix goal is to find new clothing pieces that amp up my style and push me out of my comfort zone a bit, but I also have to be realistic about my everyday life which (for me, at least) does not include heeled shoes of any kind. I suppose I could have had the pants professionally altered, but I didn't love them enough to make the effort. And finally, I'm more of a skinny-jean gal, so ... I sent it back.

Gilli Sina V-Neck Printed Maxi Dress

Goodness, this dress is beautiful. The soft, silky fabric is comfortable and flows perfectly from head to toe. I love the pattern, and I'm already thinking about ways to dress it up for a date night, or layer a jean jacket over the top as the weather turns warmer. Keep.  

THML Colinda Sheer V-Neck Sweater

This light-weight sweater doesn't look like much at first, but I love the understated sheer v-neck detail and how it can be worn so many different ways. I tried this sweater on with a pair of colored skinny jeans, a black and white patterned skirt from my last Fix, and paired it under a gray cardigan and they all looked great. Super versatile and sophisticated. Keep.  

Sanctuary Vanessa Jacket

Here's my requested layering piece ... an off-white colored jacket. Unfortunately, this piece was a hot mess on me. It was boxy and unattractive on my frame. My stylist sent a size larger than I wear to give me room to layer underneath, but it was still too big no matter what I tried to pair with it. Andi audibly said "Ugh" when I showed him. Sent back.

In so many of my Fixes, the stylist recommends adding a jacket, cardigan or vest on top of a dress or shirt to dress up a style, or transition from cooler to warmer weather. Except, I don't really have any pieces like this in my closet, and that's what I was hoping to find.

Splendid Shelburne Knit Top

This top was super soft to the touch, but did nothing for my figure. I attempted to style it with a scarf or underneath a cardigan but it didn't seem to help tie it together. And for $88, it was one of the highest-priced items in my Fix which I thought was too much money for this particular item. Sent back.


So, have I given up on Stitch Fix completely? Absolutely not. I still really love the convenience of this service and how many great pieces of clothing I've already found thanks to my stylists. I usually schedule my Stitch Fix shipments every 60 days, but I decided to go ahead with another one next month since I only kept two items this time. I'm excited to see what my April box will bring!

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  1. I totally agree with the two items you chose to keep - love them, especially the dress! One negative thing I've heard about stitch fix is that they tend to get "lazy" after a while and just send anything, not paying attention to customers individual needs/requests/desires. I hope that isn't truly the case, but just something several people I know who have used them said.