Thursday, March 26, 2015

Little Swimmers

I sign Tory and Aden up for swimming lessons every spring and summer in an attempt to prepare them for life at the lake cabin around open water. I'm not confident lessons will actually save them from drowning at their young ages, but at the very least I hope the instruction familiarizes them with the water and lays the groundwork for safety. Plus, they both really enjoy splashing around in a pool once a week, especially when it's still too cold for outdoor play.

Lessons started last week for both kids. Tory is now in the "Little Ones" class which means she gets to swim in the pool without me. Wahoo! My fellow swimming BFF Lindsey and I used to dream about this day for our girls -- the day we'd get to sit on the side of the pool and drink coffee together while our daughters swam in the pool without us. Unfortunately, Lindsey has since moved away to Kentucky and I had to experience this milestone day without her [insert the emoji symbol for one sad tear cascading down my cheek]. I'm fairly sure mothers of the other kids in Tory's class were giving me the side-eye as I excitedly sat on the side of the pool with Aden taking pictures of myself and texting them to Lindsey. I'm sitting on the side of the pool, and I'm wearing shoes! Wish you were here! 

In Lindsey and I's fantasies, we forgot about the part where we'd be sitting on the side of the pool entertaining our younger children for 30+ minutes. That part was a bit of a fun-killer. Actually, I took a page from Nicole and brought Aden's blue push-car toy which helped in keeping him (and gobs of other kids) occupied on the sidelines.  

Tory did amazing at her first swimming lesson without me! I was nervous how she'd react when I didn't get in the pool with her, so I prepped her ahead of time by talking about what to expect. Her swim instructor is fantastic and did a great job of earning the kids' trust by making class fun and engaging.

Aden attends swimming lessons on a different day of the week while Tory is at preschool. I still have to get in the pool with him for his Backfloat Baby class, but it's fun having something special he and I do together. And, to be clear, it's not the actual swimming class I mind so much; it's the getting in the pool / dressing a toddler while I'm dripping wet / having to shower afterwards / part that's a pain.

He (mostly) enjoyed swimming in the pool until the part of class came where the instructor held him during a back float. Aden's still going through a separation anxiety phase where he does not appreciate someone other than Mom, Dad or Grandma holding him, so he was a little less than impressed with swimming class after that. He'll become more familiar with the instructor and the routine of class though, and all will be fine eventually.

Once again, people around the pool probably think I'm crazy but one of my favorite things to do is take pictures of my kids on the first day of swimming class / last day of swimming class each session. It always amazes me how much the kids have grown over this short period of time! 


  1. I take lots of pictures at swim class so snap away!!! You totally nailed the problem with baby swim class... it's not being in the pool... it's the whole process of getting in and out with a little one to get ready too! Glad Tory's liking her big girl class! Yay for getting ready for summer lake fun!

  2. They just don't understand that you need all those pics for the blog and the memoriessss! I'm surprised more moms don't just snap all day long. No shame! Get those pics.

  3. Oh my goodness, Tori in her little swimsuit! Such a cute picture :)
    And I'm happy to hear that we aren't the only ones shuffling around town with the big blue buggy for transportation :)

  4. Oh, look how cute they are! We did swim lessons with Mac for a while, but once Mim came along it was too hard with both of them. But now that he's a bit older he might be able to do them without me - I didn't even think about that! I need to look into it again.