Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Weekend Happenings: Ice Fishing; First Steps!

Transitioning back to real-life after a vacation is never easy, especially when it means coming home to cold temperatures. I've been around the block enough times to know there's several more weeks of winter ahead, even if the season changes to Spring this month. 

Fortunately we returned home from vacation mid-week, and a weekend trip to the lake cabin wasn't far behind. Andi, Tory, Aden and I enjoyed a quiet, relaxing few days together to help us ease back into things. Though I have to admit, the novelty of cold-weather winter activities like ice fishing seemed far less appealing after spending the previous week at the beach.

Coats and hats and boots ... say what?

Thankfully, we've got a nice ice house to keep us warm on the lake. Saturday, the four of us trekked over to Balsam Lake for a change of pace. We fished there for a while without much success, then moved a few miles over to Big Round Lake where we reeled in a few sunfish. 

We've learned fish bite best around sunrise and sunset, which unfortunately are two of the worst times of day for the kids' schedule (i.e.: breakfast and dinner time). Andi's a good sport about it anyway, bringing his entire family along to fish around nap schedules and meal times. Consequently, we may not catch many fish but we're spending time together as a family and that's what matters. Every weekend I'm thankful he includes us in this mostly "man's activity." As I look around the lake, I rarely see other women and children. 

Though I admit, the idea of sitting on a 5-gallon bucket next to this guy doesn't seem all that appealing. I'm guessing his wife thought the same ...

While Andi's fishing, I spend a fair amount of time entertaining the kids with snacks and homemade pack-n-play forts.     

As soon as Andi's got a fish on, he yells for Tory and Aden to come over and help him reel it up. 

Sunday afternoon, Tory said to Andi: "Dad, I'm really disappointed we didn't catch more fish." Never mind the patience and strategy it took Andi to catch the ones they did!

We filled the rest of the weekend with board games and time lounging around the cabin. Playing Candy Land with a 3 1/2 year-old is a test of patience in itself. Tory (as she grabbed the game pieces from the board mid-play): "Let's pretend they're giving each other a high-five!" Eh. Oh! Uh. Okay, then. 

This boy. That hair!

Aden took his first steps this weekend. I wouldn't classify it as walking just yet, but he's so close to discovering how and that's exciting. I can't wait for this milestone, even though it'll mean more work for me as he'll really be into everything. He's been cruising along things for so many weeks now, I'm anxious for him to see the world in a new way.  



  1. Yay Aden! I love those first wobbly steps!

  2. Haha! Yes, playing board games with 3 year olds is tough. Adelle still doesn't have the patience to play properly, which drives Lilah MAD!
    Yay for Aden! Love those first steps - always soooo exciting!

  3. Ahhhh how is he already walking!! So cute! And you guys make ice fishing look fun...I never EVER would've thought I would say that. Cold and fishing just didn't seem to be my thing =)