Thursday, March 12, 2015

Spring Teaser

Our week has been one of magic. Because ... this weather! This glorious spring-like weather has lightened our moods in ways only sunshine and fresh air can do.

We just returned from vacation a few weeks ago, so I remember the feeling of warm temperatures well. But the doom and gloom of returning to the cold after vacation ends tends to jolt one back to reality rather quickly. I've lived in Minnesota long enough to know there's probably more cold weather ahead, but at least this warm weather trend has given us all a much-needed breather.

Temperatures were mild at the lake cabin last weekend too (high 30's / low 40's), so Andi and I snuck in a few nature walks with the kids. Spring is an awkward time of year at the lake because there aren't many extracurricular activities to do (i.e.: snowmobiling, ice fishing, or boating) and the outdoors are usually a mess (wet, muddy, chilly temperatures). It's nature walks and Ranger rides until it warms up enough to thaw the lake and dry the ground.

The air during our walk was refreshing, which is a fancy way to say it was kind of cold. Poor Aden's cheeks were pink and Tory wasn't wearing a stocking hat. Parenting fail. At least she was wearing her snow suit. 

What a difference a few days can make ....

Monday, temperatures warmed into the high 50's. It felt like a fluke because it's March and technically still winter, but then temperatures reached into the low 60's on Tuesday and Wednesday with heavy doses of warm sunshine. Amazing is the only way to describe it. Warm air on our faces felt so, so good. 

Tory, Aden and I took full advantage of the weather and played outside at every chance. We took walks around the neighborhood in the two-seater red wagon, smiling and laughing the entire way. I think Aden especially was in awe of our new-to-him surroundings. He squealed with delight as Tory splashed through puddles of snow melt. 

Speaking of snow melt, Andi bought Tory Bogs waterproof boots this winter and I have to say how impressed I am with their effectiveness. Tory splashed through every puddle we saw on our walks, and the outsides of her boots were soaking wet by the end. Though, much to my surprise, her feet stayed dry inside. (Not sponsored, by the way; just impressed!) She wears them for her everyday boots, and it's nice to know her feet will stay dry no matter the weather.

We broke out the kids' new outdoor toys this week as well. My parents bought Tory a pink tricycle for her birthday back in August and Aden a blue push-around car in November, and we've finally had a chance to use them. Tory has room for improvement in learning to ride her trike (it is surprisingly difficult to teach a child how to pedal on their own!), but she's making strides every day. Aden (well, actually both kids) are obsessed with sitting in the new blue car toy. 

Our backyard patio furniture is still in storage (plus our backyard is a swampy soup of melting snow), so we've been playing on the drive-way this week. Everything is filthy -- the garage, the drive-way, the park -- but oh well. We're just so happy to be outdoors! I set-up our water table as a sensory bin with rice because the kids get more mileage out of it that way, so I pulled that onto the drive-way one day this week to let the kids dig and play.  

Tory is always so careful not to spill any rice out of the table; Aden ... might need some practice. There was rice everywhere after they were done. Good thing we were outside and the rice swept up easily. 

The minute it warmed up outside Tory asked to go to the park. I was worried it'd be a muddy mess, but we went anyway on Wednesday afternoon. Luckily, our neighborhood mom's club worked to have new wood chips laid last fall and the park was in great condition considering the time of year. Tory and Aden had a blast climbing on the playground equipment and going down the slides for over two hours yesterday afternoon. So much fun, in fact, both kids slept all night last night without a peep -- something that hasn't happened in a loooong time. Hallelujah for fresh air and exercise!

This spring teaser has me giddy with excitement for the warm-weather months ahead!

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  1. Soooo jealous! We are still so so so far from this sort of weather :(
    We are HUGE fans of the blue buggy at our house too. In fact, it's taken over the stroller and that beast is in my trunk most days for Buddy when we are out and about. We get a few stares we are at the mall or doctors office, but he's a much happier camper driving his buggy than sitting in his stroller. Kid's in for a shock when the stroller makes it's appearance again after baby girl arrives though. Back to the double stroller!