Monday, March 9, 2015


Age Three is a wild ride.

Three is whiny and demanding one minute, and silly and sweet the next.

Three tells jokes, but misconstrues the punchline.

Three's ears are always listening (even when Three pretends they aren't), and pipes in from the backseat to add her own two cents into a conversation.

Three is smart, sensitive and compassionate, swelling her parent's hearts with pride and providing subtle reassurance they're doing alright by her.

Here's a few Tory-ism's from the last few months:



Christmas stockings = "boots"

Snow White & the Seven Dwarves = "White Snow"

Chick-fil-A restaurant = "Chicken-fil-A," and it remains her favorite

Oatmeal = "oat-milk"


(on December 2, running down the hallway that morning)

Tory: "Awww! No presents under the tree yet!"


Andi: "I love you more than ice cream."

Tory: "I love you more than tomatoes." (said in a British Peppa Pig voice)


(turning Cinderella on the iPad)

Tory: "Just give it to me, Mom, I'm kind of an expert."


(a very tired Tory, as she's being loaded into her car seat)

Tory: "Dad, I'm going to freak out because I need a show and a snack."


(At bedtime)

Tory: "Mom, will you stay with me?"

Me: "No."

Tory: "Then, I'm going to throw a tantrum!"


(at dinnertime)

Grandma Janie: "Tory, do you want an applesauce?"

Tory: "No, I'm allergic."

Grandma Janie: "No you're not!"

Tory: "Okay, I just don't want any."


Tory: "Oh, Aden, you grembalin!" (gremlin)


(carrying Tory through the airport)

Me: "Tory, I've got to put you down for a while. My arm feels like it's going to pull out of the socket."

(later ... )

Tory: "Mom, is your arm out of socks?"


(nearly every night before bedtime)

Tory: "Is it too late to watch one itsy bitsy short show?"


(getting Tory dressed for the day)

Andi: "Come on, Tory, get your head in the game!"

Tory: "Get your eye in the game!"

*Tory is 3 years, 6 months

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  1. Love the applesauce one! Three is so fun!