Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Weekend Highlights

Andi, the kids and I enjoyed a quiet, relaxing weekend at the lake cabin.

Friday morning before we left, Tory's best friend Ashley came over for a play date. Ashley and her family (including my good friend and Ashley's mom, Lindsey) moved to Kentucky last fall, and it'd been six months since we last saw one another. The girls picked right up with one another as if not a moment of time had passed. Of course Lindsey and I did too, but we also have the luxury of text messages, emails and phone calls to keep us connected. It was fun seeing the kids happily together once again. 

Andi, the kids and I arrived to the lake cabin around 5:30pm Friday evening, and decided to go for a sunset Ranger ride around the lake before we met some friends for dinner. What an awesome way to set the tone for our weekend. Andi and I were immediately transformed into relaxation mode as we enjoyed the sights of nature around us. 

Later, we met some cabin neighbors for dinner at Hilltop Retreat. This place reminds me of Friday night dinners at the VFW when I was a kid. Tory and Hannah ran around the restaurant pretending to play video games and just being silly while the adults sat at a table nearby drinking cocktails and talking about the week gone by. Love that good ol' small-town feeling! 

We spent Saturday morning shopping in town while the snow tires were being removed from my SUV. (It's likely 100% my fault it snowed in the Twin Cities on Sunday. Boo.) Of course, no Saturday morning trip into town is complete without a stop by the co-op for chocolate cream-filled croissants. I dream about these bad boys on the regular. A minute on the lips, I lifetime on the .... oh, who cares! These croissants are too delicious not to devour in an instant. Tory was stealing bites as fast as I could eat them, so I didn't eat the whole thing anyway... 

You can tell by my red, watery eyes in this picture I'm battling a nasty cold this week. Fun times! Ugh.

Anyway, while we were shopping at the grocery store Andi noticed whole chickens were on sale and decided to invite all of our cabin neighbors over to our place Saturday night for a big rotisserie dinner. He spent most of the afternoon preparing the meat and sides for our big feast. In all, 17 people joined us for dinner that evening!

I made my Aunt Cheri's famous Corny Macaroni casserole, and made a mental-note to share the recipe on my blog sometime soon. Easter is the perfect time to have it again.

Joe and Lisa brought a green Poke-N-Pour cake and sherbet for dessert.

There's not much to do at the cabin this time of year thanks to the cold, wet springtime weather so having friends over for dinner and drinks seems like the perfect way to spend an evening. It's the start of many more get togethers as we inch closer to summer.  

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  1. If I lived closer I'd totally invite myself up to your cabin for a visit, haha! It seems like such a slice of heaven :)