Monday, March 23, 2015

Letters to Aden: 16 Months

Happy 16 months, Aden Bear!

Life with you is lots of fun these days as your personality continues to bloom. I love how I'm still learning about your likes and dislikes (almost) one-and-a-half years into being your mom. It's really the best thing about being a parent; nothing stays the same for long as you're always growing and changing.

You're almost always a happy, easy-going baby but you've also started to exhibit classic tantrum-like behaviors when something doesn't go your way. Welcome to Toddlerville! Try stopping you from digging in a drawer you're not suppose to, or from turning all the dials on the stereo and you are one MAD little boy. Luckily, you're at an age where distraction comes easily with toys, your favorite blanket or a pacifier.

Some of my favorite things about you this month are the way you pretend to talk on the telephone with anything and everything. Plastic toys, remote controls and even French fries are all fair game. "Ah-lo!" (hello) you'll say with a green bean held to your ear.

You'll also stop what you're doing, flash an insta-smile and shout "Cheeese!" at the very sight of my cell phone or the digital camera. You love to have your picture taken which is perfect since I can't stop taking photos of my handsome little boy. Somewhat randomly, you've started chanting "eight, nine, ten" and jibber-jabber the tune of the ABC's. I have yet to record it because the sight of the camera distracts you completely and all I catch on video is "Cheeese!"

Songs are really the key to your heart. You've always liked when I sing to you, but now I notice you humming with me to "Itsy, Bitsy Spider" and dancing along to music on Tory's toy jukebox. You also love reading books, and will bring your favorite reads over to me while chanting, "Unh! Unh!" (which is clearly speak for "Will you read this to me?")

You do have a super-short attention span, so the second I start reading a book to you you're already on to the next one. I guess you could say we fly through reading 20+ books in no time flat.

No "official" new words this month, but you are starting to say more things like "Ow" when the temperature of food is too hot, and "Oh!" with delight when I add more fruit to your plate. You like to help turn light switches ON and OFF and have started to say "Off," though I'm not sure it would be recognizable to someone other than me just yet. You say "ma" for "more" and also for "milk," not to be confused for Mama which is more like "ma ma ma ma." See? No new words officially, but I can definitely see verbal advancements.

You're still a really good eater and have added grapes, strawberries and spaghetti to your list of favorite foods. You also like foods in more whole form (not cut-up into tiny pieces) and happily gnaw on a big piece of chicken or a slice of toast. Notably this month, you do not like blueberries or ground beef (like in Sloppy Joe's or enchiladas).

Lots of poor sleep this month, likely due to new teeth popping through your gums. You're up to something like 14 teeth now, and are currently working on your top canines.

And finally, the big kahuna -- walking! -- with sadly no news to report yet. At the beginning of the month, you started to take one or two steps alone, but then regressed while you were teething / not sleeping well. For most of the month, you weren't even interested in trying to take steps on your own. You are able to cruise furniture like nobody's business and mostly still "walk" on your knees to get from Point A to Point B which is really the silliest sight to see. Someday soon you'll start walking on your feet ... I hope! I have a closet full of adorable shoes for you to wear as soon as you need them.

That's all for now. Love you to the moon and back, little boy!


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