Saturday, July 11, 2009

4th of July Festivities

Finally have a chance to write about our fun Fourth of July festivities...

So, this year we decided to go up North to Brainerd, MN - the land of many beautiful lakes, trees and fresh air. Andi booked a pimp condo right on the lake, and our friends Derrick & Ellie, Brian & Melissa and Adam & Jane came along too. Brian pulled up our Mastercraft wakeboard boat and Andi swindled Crestliner (one of his advertising accounts) to let us use not one, but 2 pontoons for the weekend!

Everyone arrived up to Brainerd at various times due to vacation schedules, etc. I cruised up after work on Thusday to meet Andi who was already working on a Crestliner photo shoot in Brainerd the week prior.

On Thursday night, we grilled out (yummy steaks and corn on the cob), then cruised out on the lake to begin the watersports aplenty.
Andi cruising around in the Mastercraft.
Melissa and I making funny facesHanging out on the boat
I came prepared with my new favorite drink: Pink Panty Pulldowns (thanks Ashley for the awesome recipe at my bacherorette)!
Then we headed home for a mean game of Catch Phrase and many, many drinks to follow.
On Friday (July 3), we decided to go to the Mississippi River to meet up with Andi's friend John and some other people he knew. John's friends are competitive show skiiers and were putting on a water show later than day. We hung here for more of the afternoon and partied on their house boat on the River. So fun!
Melissa and I on the houseboat
More houseboat fun
The boys getting crazy and jumping off the house boat into the River.
Then we went wakeboarding in the Mississippi. At first I was a little creeped out (b/c rivers are kind of gross and they find dead bodies in there sometimes. Urgh). But actually the water was fairly clean because it originates about an hour North of Brainerd in Isantis, MN.
Anyway, this is me about to wakeboard. It was a great session too - no other boats and the water was so smooth!
That night, we cruised up the lake to Bar Harbor Restaurant. The boys were getting crazy on the dance floor while Ellie and I toasted our mojitos to a Happy 4th!

On Fourth of July (Saturday) we met up with a few friends and docked our boats in a quiet bay on the lake. It was fun to chill and drink cocktails in the sun.
Brian and Melissa chilling in the water
Ellie & IMore people partying in the lakeThe group toasting to a great 4th with Jell-O shots

The night of the 4th, we all piled into Andi's friend John's boat and headed across the lake to watch the fireworks show. They were really pretty!

The weekend festivities were catching up to Derrick and Ellie. They crashed out on the boat ride back to our cabin. Derrick started sawing logs on the way home, which was too funny!

With a quick cat-nap in, the boys got crazy and started in on our own fireworks show. We weren't sure where to light them (since it was about 1AM by this time) so the boys got the brainiac idea to light them off on the golf course across the road. We all snuck over there (fully dressed in black, I might add) and watched the boys play pyrotechnics. Cool, but kinda scary. I think we're getting too old for this crap! Don't worry, we didn't get in trouble :)

On Sunday (July 5), we putzed around the cabin a bit. I think everyone was getting tired by this point (lots of late nights and drinking). Andi and I cruised across the lake to his friend John's house and we boated with John and his wife for a while. The rest of the crew took one of the pontoons out and went fishing.

Sunday night, our friend Derrick invited a friend of his over to cook us a seafood boil for dinner. They brought over shrimp and lobster tails, corn and potatoes and cooked us dinner while the rest of us played yard games and chilled out.

The shrimp and lobster boil!

The food was pretty yummy (and I don't even like seafood that well).
I have to say, this Fourth of July was the best I can remember. A great group of friends, good food and drinks and a luxury cabin (way better than some of the shacks we've stayed in prior - how life improves when we all have real jobs with real money).

A great Fourth of July to remember!

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