Thursday, July 2, 2009

Golden Birthday: Happy 2nd Brookie!

Today is Brookie's 2nd birthday. Hard to believe that 2 years ago I became an auntie! It seems like she was born yesterday, yet I can't remember a time before she arrived. How time flies when you're in love with a little one.

I remember when my sister Ashley was about to give birth two years ago. I drove down to Nebraska to be with her in the hospital, as she was scheduled to be enduced on July 2nd. Two days before, my entire family went to our favorite restaurant, Grisanti's in Lincoln, for "Ashley's last meal." I remember how quiet she was (which is shocking for Ashley) and pale - she was so nervous for the next day to come. A little of Ashley shown through when she told the waitress "keep the bread comng" during our meal!

Then on July 1, we waited around the house all day long...counting down the minutes until check-in time to the hospital: 5:00pm. Ashley was admitted and enduced. The next afternoon at 2:00pm, Brooklyn Candice Joy was born.

Here's a few photos to capture the last two years. Brooke is truly a joy - she brings so many smiles and fun moments to our family. Happy birthday little girl! I love you more than you'll ever know.


  1. Wow! I cannot believe it has been 2 years already!!

  2. I know :)

    Btw, Happy Anniversary Lady!