Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just Can't Decide

Picking out my wedding dress was easy.
Accessorizing it? Impossible.

Ahhh!! I can't decide what shoes and jewelry to wear with my wedding dress! The green sandals I bought last month are fun and funky, but not right for my dress. Traditional wedding shoes and jewerly aren't right either - my dress is flowy and soft; not diamond-studded and bridal.

I think I'm going for a Grecian goddess look. A few friends have suggested gold to go with this theme, and I agree that it compliments the creamy ivory color of the dress well.

So over the last few weeks, I've picked up pieces of jewelry and shoes that I think might go. Here are a few of the options I've found:

Bronze-colored Nine West's with amber and silver jewels
*these are my favorites so far - very comfortable and really compliment the dress color. Unfortunately, they won't show much because my dress is floor-length

Gold Steve Madden's with gold and brown straps
*these are also comfortable and look good with the dress too, but are more muted with the dress. Would work well, but not as flashy
Silver clasp bracelet
*This is my favorite bracelet so far, but it's silver (not gold) so goes against my Grecian Goddess look. I like the way this one fits my wrist and is simple yet makes a statement

Do you think this one goes with the bronze-colored sandals above???

Gold square-shaped bracelet
*This one also looks good with the bronze-colored sandals and also compliments the dress. I can't decide whether I like this one or the silver clasp bracelet better.

What do you think??Amber Jewel Bracelet
*This one matches the bronze-colored sandals.

What do you think about this one?? I'm not sure it's distinct enough - it seems small on my arm

Silver-colored ball bracelet
*This one is pretty and shiny, but not sure it's right for a wedding dress


Calling all opinions. I need some help with this one. Which shoes do you like? Jewelry? Think I should keep looking?


  1. I like the bronze-colored sandals with the gold square-shaped bracelet. That combo gets my vote. :)

  2. Oh Heather you are going to look beautiful! I can't wait to see pictures of it all together :) My vote is the Bronze-colored Nine West's with amber and silver jewels shoes and Gold square-shaped bracelet. You will look like a Grecian goddess for sure!!

  3. I like the bronze nine-west jeweled shoes with the amber jewel bracelet. The bracelet reminds me of a bracelet that my study-abroad boyf bought me in Greece...so it's totally Grecian goddess in my book!

  4. Thanks for the votes!!
    I guess the square gold bracelet wins. That's what my friends Val and Julie said too.

    I showed Andi the shoes and bracelets and asked him (I'm not sure if this is legal ... but I did it anyway - and he hasn't seen the dress which is all that matters in my book).

    Anyway, Andi preferred the gold shoes but I think that's just because jeweled shoes scare boys a bit! :)

    Thanks again girlies!