Thursday, July 23, 2009

The 5 Love Languages

Not very often does a book, phrase or experience come into your life and completely change it. I think it happens to some of us when we get married, have a baby or even attend a meaningful conference where a keynote speaker communicates a message that speaks to a moment of life in which we're standing. For me, I recently read The Five Love Languages which opened my eyes to the way couples communicate with one another.

The author's message is a simple one. There are 5 love languages in life, and we all speak at least one of them. The 5 languages include:

Words of Affirmation - verbal appreciation
Acts of Service - simple actions that show you care
Quality Time - devoted time / focus to one another
Physical Touch - this one speaks for itself :)
Receiving Gifts - visual symbols of love

While you may speak one primary love language, your partner may speak another. It's important for you to identify your love language ... and your partner's ... so you can effectively communicate and show love toward each other.

For me, I completely identify with Quality Time. When schedules are busy and I haven't had at least 10 minutes to connect with Andi w/o the distractions of TV, cell phones or computers interfering ... I feel neglected. And the feeling only deepens unless we block out some time for a meaningful conversation or activity together. The 5 Love Languages has helped me identify that feeling so I know why I sometimes feel the way I do. And, most importantly, can correct it by scheduling quality time with my honey.

This summer has been a busy one and feels like Andi and I are on completely different calendars. Throw wedding planning in and there's really been no time to spend quality time together. Our honeymoon will be the perfect solution to my QT woes ... only 10 more days until we're in utter paradise together :)

So ... in a spirit of Book It tour buses everwhere ... pick up a copy of The 5 Love Languages. I promise it won't disappoint!

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  1. I picked up the book after you suggested it at Easter . . . LOVED IT! It was so eye opening for me, it made everything make total sense! Now if I could get the hubbs to read it too, ha ha.