Friday, July 10, 2009

It's almost official! Marriage license (check)

This week, Andi and I went to the Ramsey county courthouse in St Paul to apply for a marriage license. I anticipate it's a fraction of the way I'll feel on my wedding day (excited and a little bit nervous) although applying for the license was way less complicated than I imagined.

Andi and I met at the courthouse to apply for the license together. We wanted to share in the experience - although in the state of Minnesota, only one member of the party has to be present to apply. Don't you think this is weird, by the way? You mean to tell me anyone with my SOS number can sign me up to marry them? Yikes, that's scary.

Anyway, we walked up to the window and handed the worker our paperwork. She read through it, signed it and then told us to raise our right hands. Do you swear ... blah, blah, blah ... agree you are a man and a woman ... blah, blah, blah ... and are willfully entering into marriage with the other person. And we said YES. My heart was racing as she sputtered off the statement. I can't believe I'm really getting married! That's all could think about! I can't wait to be Andi's wife.

We walked out of the courthouse office with the biggest smiles on our faces.
Only 3 weeks left until we're married!


  1. That is kind of scary . . . you would think both parties would need to be present. I thought the process would have been much more in depth too, it was harder for us to get a copy of our marriage certificate after we were married than to apply for one before we were married. Strange!

  2. The license cost us $40 since we'd taken 12 hours of marriage classes, but is normally $140 in the state of MN. My mom said it's still $25 in Nebraska and she thought they had to take a blood test. Isn't it strange how every state has their own way of doing it?