Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Free Willie ... and Wedding Countdown

Wedding Countdown: 3 days (whoot whoot)!

With so little time left, there's plenty to do this week.
Last night (Monday), Lindsay came over and helped clean my house for the wedding weekend. Strict orders to Andi to keep everything picked up for the next few days (he sounded a little suprised like he was shocked I'd say such a thing!). I couldn't have accomplished everything without Lindsay last night! I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off and she calming checked item after item off the list.

While we were cleaning last night, I realized I hadn't seen Chloe in a while. I went to the backyard and called her name. No answer (not like she can really answer, she's a dog. But I digress...). I found Chloe under the deck pouncing on a nest of leaves. Then ... a little baby bunny ran out and tried to scurry away from Chloe as fast as he could. I shouted for Lindsay to help wrangle Chloe the Pest while saving the bunny's life. By this point, the bunny has crawled half-way across the yard. Lindsay and I decided to scoop the bunny into a dust pan and carry him back to his nest so his mom could find him again.

Here's a photo of little baby bunny, we kindly coined "Willie"

It seemed Willie enjoyed the little resting place on the dust pan. This is where he stayed for most of the evening.
This morning, Willie was gone. I'm hoping his mommy came back to rescue him.
Sweep (check)
Mop (check)
Clean bathroom (check)
Save a bunny (check)
All in a night's work!
Tonight, Janie, Lindsay and I are going grocery shopping for the weekend. Should be fun! Tomorrow, working late and then Thursday -- my family arrives! The wedding will be here before I know it :)

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