Friday, October 8, 2010

Baby Fever

My cousin Jen is expecting her first baby any day now and all the anticipation has everyone in my family on pins and needles. I find myself stalking her blog for the latest update and texting my mom repeatedly just so I'm not the last to know all the way up North.

All this baby talk definitely stirs the urge to have one of my own, but I'm trying to be patient and focus my energy and enthusiasm on Jen and her baby. While doing so, I'm concentrating on all the things I want to do before I get pregnant. Here's what I've come up with so far:
  • Drink lots of Diet Coke. Three a day, maybe. (sounds healthy, doesn't it?)
  • Buy a box of red wine ... and drink the whole thing. That's right, I said box.
  • Reveal at my hips sticking out - hope these puppies are hidden in my future (temporarily, of course)
  • Hit snooze ... again and again and again. Just because I can.
  • Stay up on my tan this winter.
  • Take a few more trips, just Andi and I.
  • ... and on that note, make a few of those trips last minute whims because we're not responsible for anyone other than a 5 lb. pooch and she's up for anything.
  • Marvel at my clean house. Not a thing out of place.
  • Focus on my husband with lots of date nights and QT
  • Color my hair - no roots here! 
Anything else I should squeeze in before my time comes a callin'?


  1. I have a few more to add to your list:

    - Eat a hotdog. I know they are NOT HEALTHY at all but for some reason I have wanted one since I have gotten pregnant, probably because I can't eat them.

    - Sleep on your stomach.

    - Exercise until you feel like you can't go anymore!

    - Sit in the hot tub and take a REALLY hot bath or shower.

    - Eat a sandwich with sprouts and lunch meat.

    I am sure there are more but those are the big ones that stick out . .

  2. Dolphin swimming!

    I kid. Um...I second all of Jen's suggestions. What else? Oh! Red Bull! YOU of all people can't forget to guzzle that stuff right now since you'll have to cut back/eliminate when PG. Do you like sushi? That's a good one. Medium-rare steaks. Time to sit and watch crap tv in the middle of the afternoon. Getting a random drink w/Andi in the middle of a weekend afternoon. Things like that.

    Have fun in your pre-baby state!

  3. I'm still eating hot dogs, lunch meats and the occasional Dr. Pepper (when I can eat at all)- everyone's doctor has a different philosophy on this stuff.

    For me I'd reccomend eating at all your favorrite restaurants- you might not feel up to it for a while, drink lots of champagne, and have lots of sex with your husband (again, I've just been too sick to do much of this at all, and I know he'd like to ;)