Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wave your flag

The next wedding gift I give will be a homemade flag you fly when you're not to be bothered by your partner. At my house, yesterday would have been one of those banner days. I woke up feeling all PMSish and knew every encounter crossing my path would lead to tears, me being pissed or a heightened sense of glee. Do you ever have those days? No one understands what it feels like to be a woman except women, you know?

Andi went fishing/hunting with a buddy on Sunday and I felt all bent about him being gone. Normally, I don't care when he takes his little man-cations. Actually, half the time I like it because it means I get to eat whatever I want for dinner, my house stays clean and I can work or blog or shop or whatever. But yesterday was different and I felt it all day. I have this neorotic way of working myself up inside my head. The more I dwell on something, the more upset I become and worse it seems until I literally feel like the idea is clawing its way outside of me.

After my husband came home last night I noticed he, too, was moping around. I'm not sure if it's possible for men to have PMS (or some other abbreviation that sums up their feelings) but I think he had a case of it. I asked him why he was down and he shrugged his shoulders. He asked me what I wanted to eat for dinner and seemed annoyed I didn't want to eat the fish he caught earlier in the day. We made different meals and ate in silence. Needless to say, it was one of those evenings where each of us should have thrown up our respective flags and bid adieu until tomorrow. Every word we said came out wrong. I made some snarky comment about never seeing him lately and he went to bed.

Of course today, those crazy thoughts are gone and I just feel stupid - stupid for making such an issue out of nothing. My PMS flare up has cooled and I'm left with this uneasy feeling. Last night was one of these times we should have gone into our respective corners. Today, I feel like my insides mirror the rainy fall weather and I'm jarred at the fact we wasted such a perfectly good night on being moody bump-on-a-logs. A night where we were actually home together for once and it's a missed opportunity. Shame on me for being so pathetic.

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  1. You sound all too normal to me. I hate those nights where you are both in a terrible mood and the night is wasted. I can be a snippy passive aggressive one, and yes, men have PMS. At least mine does. ;)