Sunday, October 10, 2010

Last cabin weekend

Today was a sad day at the cabin - the day we turned over the keys.

Andi and I drove up to Crosslake on Friday afternoon for the last time this summer. We stopped at the Onamia Farmer's Market like we have so many times over the last few months and selected fresh, local veggies. This time, squash instead of strawberries: a change in season for sure. 

Friday evening was warm and sunny. Andi and I took the pontoon for a trip around the lake. We drank wine and listened to The Power Loon, classic rock at its best. We made kabobs for dinner and snuggled up together. One of the best things about the cabin - it puts us instantly at ease.

Late Friday night, Brian and Melissa arrived and on Saturday morning we all decided it was far too beautiful of a day to spend cleaning up the cabin. The four of us went to lunch at The Wharf and spent the remainder of the afternoon fishing off the dock back at the cabin. 

We celebrated our last evening in Crosslake with dinner at the glorious Norway Ridge. As we have many times this summer, we laughed over an awesome meal with friends.

And today, we spent the day cleaning the cabin, dismounting the dock and pulling the boat off the water. Summer has officially come to an end for us and it's bittersweet. It was the best summer we've ever had.

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