Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Currently in ...

I haven't done one of these "Currently In..." posts for a while ... so I thought I'd document how I'm feeling.

October was a fun month! Work slowed down a smidge and I had two weekends of no Gopher football games to spend time with my family and friends. Andi and I closed down the cabin, and traveled back to Nebraska to meet my new baby cousin Lauren.

Also in October ....

Current Books: I'm in the middle of a few books this month. I was given a Kindle a few weeks ago by work and it's reinvigorated my interest in reading before bed at night. I love it! It's so easy to read on and Kindle books are cheap, cheap, cheap. I'm still reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle (although I haven't made any progress with that book this month. Andi and I listened to the new Tucker Max book Assholes Finish First on the car ride home to Nebraska. It was super funny! I also just started reading The Red Tent a few nights ago. And finally, I am re-reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility just to brush up on my charting skills. Phew!

Current Play List: I've been really into country lately and streaming Taylor Swift, Sugarland, Keith Urban, Kenny Cheney and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus on Pandora Radio.

Current Guilty Pleasure: Shopping. It's something I usually do very little of (clothes at least) and this month, I've been into shoes and scarves and buying tons and tons of baby clothes for all the new babes in my life.

Current Color: Black and this just in ... gray.

Current Drink: This month I've been drinking Honest Tea Kombucha. It's a organic fair-trade drink with live active probiotic cultures. It takes good and does good things to my body. I'm into the Berry Hibiscus.

Current Food: I've been eating lots of junk food this month. Pizza, frozen burritos, nachos and burgers. Not the best news to report, eek.

Current Favorite Shows: Love, love, love television this month. Too many good shows to mention. The season finale of Mad Men was AMAZING, How I Met Your Mother mirrors our life in a major way and continues to make me smile and I'm digging The Good Wife this fall, too.

Current Wish list: I have lots of things on my wish list lately. Maybe because Christmas is around the corner and I'm keeping an eye out for things to ask for. I also wish for healthy, happy moms and babies for my cousin Jen and girlfriend Val.

Current Needs: Buckle down and save some money for the holidays and winter travels. Andi and I have a few trips we're planning for November, December, and February and the holidays are my favorite time to spoil my family and decorate my house to the nine's. I want to have some cash put away to do so.

Current Triumphs: Things are FINALLY slowing down at work and I feel like I've made it through the busiest time of the year. The holidays are right around the corner .. and then vacation ... and family ... and yummy food. I can breathe!

Current Bane Of My Existence: PMS. Why must you make me feel so roller-coastery.

Current Celebrity Crush: I'm in love with Kourtney Kardashian's long black hair. Does that count? I'm crushing on it big time.

Current Indulgence: My Kindle. It's so cool and fun to use. Love it.

Current Blessing: All the healthy, beautiful babies coming into the world. I'm beyond thrilled for all those having little ones. Also, my girlfriend Mel and her upcoming nuptials. So much to be thankful for this month.

Current Outfit: You know it ... sweats, a long-sleeve t shirt and slippers ... because it's about that time in Minnesota.

Current Excitement: The holidays! I almost died when I saw all the holiday decorations in store-front windows this weekend. Looking forward to decorating my house, the first snow and cooking turkey dinner with Andi's family and Christmas shopping galore.

Current Mood: Happy. Life is good in our little family.

Current Link: I got nothin ...

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