Monday, October 11, 2010

A Day In The Life

I was excited when my friend Laura invited her blog readers to participate in a Day In The Life project and I quickly signed on to showcase a day in my own life for all of you. I'm always thinking to myself I should snap a photo of all the crap random tasks I find myself doing throughout the day as a Marketing Manager on a college campus or capture the sweet, beautiful things I notice in nature or otherwise. I contemplated whether I should do this activity today - was it exciting enough? But hey, it's an average day in the life, right? Here's what it's like to be me ...

I woke up to my phone buzzing on the night stand beside our bed and found this text:

My cousin Jen had her baby!!!!!! Last night around 5:00pm my mom called to say Jen was in route to the hospital. After a gazillion phone calls throughout the evening, I made my mom and sister promise they'd call me just as soon as they heard any news from the hospital. And so, when Baby C (now officially named Lauren Elizabeth) arrived at 11:12pm last night, my phone began to ring off the hook in a series of phone calls between my mom and sister.

Side note about Baby Lauren (because we all love hearing about babies, don't we?): Lauren was born on October 10, 2010 at 11:12pm. That's 10-10-10 at 11:12. How neat is that?! Mama and baby are doing great, by the way.

I finally fell asleep after all that commotion just after 1:00am.

I crawled out of bed this morning at 7:46am after I'd hit snooze for over an hour. I had a hard time getting up and moving after staying up so late.

I finally made my way out the door around 8:33am when I realized oh s%*# I need to leave for work!
In all my rushing, I forgot to document my morning routine. It's basically shower, dress, make-up, out the door. Nothing too excited to report.

I arrived to work and walked into my office to find this:

You may say this is where the magic happens. Marketing magic, that is. Somewhere in the midst of all those boxes, pool noodles and a monkey in a bag (that's right, I said monkey) I have a desk with a computer. Isn't the life of a Marketing Manager grand?

I spend the morning sending and returning emails, participating in a regional conference call and checking Facebook like crazy for any update on Baby Lauren. Nothing new to report as of yet.

Today I did treat myself to my new favorite drink - Honest Tea Kombucha, although I didn't allow myself a slice of pizza for lunch like usual. Today begins the first day of me trying to watch what I eat. We'll see how it goes ...

I drive over to the student union to help with our trade show setup. Over 5,000+ people will come through the show devouring food samples from our partnering vendors. Tomorrow will be one of those days where I run until I can't go anymore.

After work, I headed straight for Target to buy little Lauren all the gifts my cart could handle. Nothing I love better than Target and baby stuff. I shopped circles around that place! And while I was there, I found the cutest little Halloween outfit for my niece Brookie and picked a frozen pizza. Never a good idea to go to Target hungry. Dang it, I'll have to start the healthy eating kick tomorrow...

I called my mom on the way home to get the latest update on Jen and the baby. Everyone's healthy and doing well. My mom gushed how sweet of a baby Lauren is. Can't wait to meet her this weekend on our trip to Nebraska!

Made a frozen pizza and wrapped gifts for Lauren and Brookie, disappointed in my selection of wrapping supplies and boxes. Never again will I go through another Christmas without buying an extraordinary amount of shirt boxes. I'm out and for the life of me, can't find a pack of them anywhere. Who knew? I made them as cute as I could ...

It's about that time ... I grabbed my computer and head to bed. My favorite way to unwind at night is to lay in bed, check Facebook and watch sitcoms. Tonight it's How I Met Your Mother, Rules of Engagement, Two and Half Men and Mike and Molly. 

Andi called and asked for a pickup from the airport. He flew to Chicago today for meetings and just arrived back in the Twin Cities. I grabbed Chloe, threw on some flips and ran out the door.

Back from the airport. Crawled back in bed.

A day in the life of me: it was as exciting as the birth of a newborn baby and as routine as an evening at home. Good night y'all!


  1. Ha!

    After reading this, Andi tells me our alarm clock is 20 minutes fast in the bedroom. Whoops! I guess it's been like this for over a month.

    Glad I wasn't as late to work as I thought I was :)

  2. Haha - funny about your alarm clock. Good to see the Mktg office is the same :) I'm a little jealous of your access to fabulous beverages all day at work.

    Very exciting about your cousin's baby, and that date & time is way too awesome.

    I'm going to steal a pic from your post to put on my post linking to everyone's day.

    Thanks for playing along!!

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  4. I think your gifts look great! Shirt boxes are overrated...