Friday, October 29, 2010

The wine accessory you just can't live without

A few weeks ago Andi and I traveled back to Nebraska to visit our family and friends. We stayed at my best friend Ashley's house in Omaha one night and she told us about a kitchen gadget that will change your life.

It's the Rabbit Wine Aerator ... have you heard of this?

There's this one that actually slides into the bottle neck ...

And there's this one which works well for box wine. We do a lot of box wine drinking at our house so we had to get both.

The wine aerator works like a decanter and allows the wine to breathe. It makes such a difference! This handy device turns a $7 bottle of wine (our usual) into a $25 bottle of wine. The difference is truly amazing and totally worth the investment if you're a wine drinker. In my most sophisticated wine tasting voice, I tell you it takes the bite out of your drink creating a smoother body. My only complaint is that it's a little awkward to push the box wine spout while holding the aerator and your wine glass all at the same time. You definitely need a buddy ... or a third arm! 

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  1. We just received a Vinturi as a wedding gift and I am STOKED!