Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve

I realized today this is probably one of the last "relaxing" Christmases Eves I'll have for a looong time. Today while most people were scurrying to pull last minute holiday plans together, I slept in with my little Chloe pooch, then got up and relaxed around the house. Andi came home from work around noon and we got ready for Christmas Eve.

Before we left for the evening, we took a few photos in front of our Christmas tree - just our little family.

(Darn it Chloe! She wouldn't look at the camera)

We went to church and then to Andi's grandma's house to celebrate with all of his family. There were over 40 people there and her house was busting at the seams with lots of laughter and family. 

Andi's Grandma Marion

Little cousins Mia and Kiera

Lindsay and Megan

Shaun, Laura and Ellie

Janie and Chris

Funny story about Janie's sweater. Chris went to an ugly sweater a few weeks back and bought that sweater at Saver's for $7. He gave it to Janie afterwards because he said it looked like something she would wear and she loved it! She wore it on Christmas Eve and caught lots of laughs from everyone. Now next year, they've all decided they'll do an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party on Christmas Eve with prizes and all. We won't be there of course, we'll be in Nebraska for Christmas next year. But the planning for their festivities has already begun ...

We left Andi's grandma's around 11:30pm and headed home. Christmas morning, we're driving over to Andi's parents house to celebrate the day with them.

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