Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday Spirit

Taking a 10-day vacation smack-dab in the middle of December really threw a wrench in Christmas this year. I started getting into the spirit early in December when I decorated our house and hosted a Holiday Cookie Baking Party for friends and family. I pumped Christmas music all through the house and spent nearly every night making holiday treats and wrapping gifts.

When we left for Europe on December 10, I thought we'd see Christmas decorations galore. And there were some - we saw carolers in Trafalgar's Square in London and visited a Christmas market in Paris' Montmarte neighborhood. People wished us "Happy Holidays" or "Joyoux Noel" and it was nice.

But ... it wasn't the same as being home.

Now that we're back, my heart's racing with all the Christmas festivities. I'm wrapping a few last minute gifts and hosting Andi's family for Christmas dinner tonight. On Christmas Eve, we're going to church and then to And's grandma's house to celebrate with his extended family. On Christmas Day, we're going to Andi's parent's house to spend the day eating and opening gifts. Finally, on Tuesday we'll hop on a plane and head to Nebraska to celebrate with my family. I'm so excited for it all!

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, remembering how blessed we are to have amazing family and friends and Jesus as our Savior.           


  1. Love the card! Can't wait to see you two (I mean three) in a few days!!

  2. Actually since we're flying, Chloe's not coming :(