Tuesday, December 7, 2010

O Christmas Tree!

Love, love, love decorating my house for Christmas. I'm one of those crazies that decorates the day after Thanksgiving and leaves their decorations up until February. There's just something about the way they make your house feel all warm and cozy in the wintertime.

O Christmas Tree!

This is the same Christmas tree I purchased in 2003 for my very first holiday in my own apartment. I think it was a good investment. I always use my red glitter ornaments with white glittery snowflakes. Over the years, I've added a few personal ornaments too - like the little Chloe dog my mom and dad gave us, a picture of Brookie or the flip flops Andi and I bought on our trip to Hawaii in 2005.

This pup is gooood!
As soon as I pulled the camera out to take pictures of the decorations, Chloe walked right over to the tree and sat down in front. What a good little doggy! I rewarded her with a treat (maybe she remembers that part from last year. Or maybe she's glad I didn't make her wear the Santa costume again!)

The dining room
... and our make-shift mantle since we don't have a fireplace or staircase to hang out stockings

Love the Santa Claus advent calendar in the background. I feel like a kid every morning when I move the candy cane from one day to the next. Because I'm a nerd like that, I have been drafting a list of advent calendar activities to do with my future kiddos someday. Things like "decorate the Christmas tree" or "make cinnamon ornaments." Won't that be a fun tradition some day?

Television / mantle area

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