Sunday, December 26, 2010

Snowshoeing Minnesota

We're officially settled into vacation mode around here. Andi and I slept in (again!!), then he lured me out of bed with scrambled eggs with veggies and breakfast potatoes. Our house was a mess with all of our Christmas presents scattered around and neither of us cared. It's an amazing feeling when life finally slows down, you know? I must tell you Andi even cleaned up afterwards - that's always a nice treat!

We decided to go snowshoeing at Afton Alps today. I've never done it and Andi said he'd only been once before. We rented shoes and drove to the western side of the Twin Cities to get some winter weather exercise. It was so nice today - about 20 degrees and sunny - the perfect day to do something outdoors.

After we layered on our gear (snow pants, winter boots, gloves, scarves, hats, and heavy winter coats) we strapped on the shoes and went. At first, we couldn't stop laughing at each other as we awkwardly learned to maneuver the snowshoes.

Lookin' good in all my gear

It was really fun, but we're definitely out of shape! I was sweating like a stuffed pig under all those layers and we were both huffing and puffing from all the trudging around. At one point, we both fell down into the deep snow and laughed at ourselves.

Taking a break in the deep powder

Fun to do something different today; fun to do something together as a couple. Love my husband!

This was my snowshoeing technique -
Andi laughed, but it really worked!

Tonight, we went to see Little Fockers at the movies. It was pretty cute, not as funny as the first one but still a nice treat to eat popcorn for dinner and go to a movie together.

Andi's back to work tomorrow but I'm off until January 3rd. Whoo! We leave for Nebraska on Tuesday and I'm SO EXCITED to see my family and celebrate Christmas with them. This time of year is the BEST.

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