Wednesday, December 1, 2010

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Is any else in bewilderment as to the whereabouts of November? I can't believe how fast time is flying. That's such a grandma-y thing to say but it's so true!

November was good to us; Andi and I visited my cousin Tara in Philadelphia, we celebrated Thanksgiving with Andi's family and I had a blast from past when I visited my old collegiate stomping grounds in Nebraska. 

Here's what else happened in November: 

Current Books: I traveled quite a bit this month so I brought by Kindle along and read a few books on the plane. I finished Kendra Wilkinson's autobiography Sliding Into Home (scholarly I realize, but I actually liked it and it was a quick, easy read). I also finished The Red Tent which I really enjoyed. This book was loosely based on the life of Dinah from the Bible, and I found it fascinating to think about the way they lived back then. I'm still reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle (although I haven't made any progress with that book this month). And, I've been r am referencing sections of Taking Charge of Your Fertility this month too.

Current Play List: Still been listening to a lot of country lately. Loving Taylor Swift,  Carrie Underwood, Zac Brown Band, and Miranda Lambert. I started listening to Christmas music a few days ago too which I always love listening to as well.

Current Guilty Pleasure: Caffeine. I've been really trying to kick caffeine and alchohol this month. Alcohol seems like the easy one, but caffeine it's sooo much harder. I'll keep working on this one for December.

Current Color: Black and this just in ... gray.

Current Drink: I had a horrible sore throat Thanksgiving weekend and Andi bought me some Throat Comfort tea. That stuff was a-mazing. He added a slice of fresh lemon and it soothed my sore throat right away. What a loving husband I have!

Current Food: When I was visiting my parents back home this month, my mom made me my favorite pork chop gravy with crunchy chunks of pork chop goodness tucked inside creamy gravy yumminess. I have been craving that gravy for YEARS and it was awesome.

Current Favorite Shows: Andi and I finished the Tutors series this month and I'm so sad that my hot, steamy history lesson of a show is over. I think I'm adding Tudors Series DVDs to my Christmas list so I can re-watch them over again.

Current Wish list: My Christmas list is rapidly multiplying but also on my wish list? Another pair of Gap Jeggings. I love the pair I bought a few weeks ago and I'm definitely buying a few more pairs to take to Europe next week.

Current Needs: Health. I've been sick this month and Andi has too. Seems like all those wintertime germs are really floating around this time of year and I'm wishing for health so we're able to spend the holidays together in happiness.

Current Triumphs: The Gophers football season has finally come to a close. Thank GOODNESS! No more working Saturdays for another year. Also, I'm off The Pill this month so I feel very victorious about that.

Current Bane Of My Existence: The SNOW! I hate driving in slippery, snowy conditions and I find myself becoming a hermit in the wintertime just to avoid driving in the weather. Always takes me a few months to adjust to it all and by then, it's spring.

Current Celebrity Crush:  Loving Carrie Underwood this month. And loving her smoking body too. Those legs! I think any girl would kill for them.

Current Indulgence: Andi's been making yummy banana smoothies this month. Ice cream, bananas and a Hershey's syrup. Fantastic.

Current Blessing: We're lucky enough to have some amazing trips planned over the winter months this year. Philly in November, London and Paris in December, Nebraska in December and we're working on planning a trip to the Caribbean in February for my birthday.

Current Outfit: Feeling very stylish in my skinny jeans and tall suede boots this month.

Current Excitement: My hair is finally starting to grow out. Today I was able to pull it into a low side ponytail - wahoo!

Current Mood: Ready for vacation. I'm feeling beat and ready to relax and recharge.

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