Wednesday, April 13, 2011

5 Quick Takes: What's New

There are times when not much is new in life, and others when it feels like the world is spinning. I feel like we're tumbling down a big hill in one of those gerbil wheels lately. My mind's all over the place these days and I thought a quick takes post might be easier to let you inside my bubble. Here goes!

ONE: Have you heard the news? We're having a BABY! Andi and I finally made the big Facebook announcement yesterday following our Baby's 21 week ultrasound appointment. We learned we're welcoming a baby GIRL into our family this August and decided it was time to "make it official" with a giant internet post. Last night it was a friendly contest between the two of us to see who received more comments and "likes" on our respective pages. I had 60-some and he (slightly puffy-chested, I might add) proudly pointed out he had 83. Turns out there were quite a few people who didn't know we were even expecting!

For some strange reason, I have no problem holding back any and all thoughts in my little corner of the internet, but when it comes to big events I never feel comfortable parading around in front of everyone. When we got married, I shuddered at the thought of standing in front of hundreds of people and professing our love made me feel WAY overwhelmed and the same holds true for this pregnancy. I felt all twitchy about announcing my pregnancy at work and nervous to put it out there on Facebook. Who knows why ... Anyway, it's officially official, according to Facebook law.

Click over to my baby blog to see ultrasound pics of our precious baby girl.

TWO: The weather was gorgeous this weekend so Andi and I took advantage by tackled spring cleaning around the house. Andi used his new power washer to clean the back porch deck and icky car mats from all the winter gunk. We organized the garage and swept out the mud and leaves (hate that job!) and I swept and scrubbed the enclosed front porch too. On Saturday, I took advantage of the sun shine and cleaned up the backyard. I'm starting to worry my grass isn't coming back as thick as it should so I may hire our landscaper handyman to come out and seed / fertilizer.

THREE: Walks outside have been such a luxury these last few weeks! The weather is finally warm enough to step outside without a coat and I've felt so refreshed catching up with friends and their little ones too. Word on the street is Minnesota is getting a measurable amount of wet snow tomorrow night. My fingers and toes are crossed, hoping it doesn't happen!

FOUR: T-minus 2 weeks until cabin time! We're planning to break in our new digs April 30. It'll be cold and I'm sure there's even ice still on the lake but we'll head over to Pipe Lake to check out the town and our surroundings. Yay for cabin life!

FIVE: Before cabin season starts officially, I'd like to do my best in getting the baby's room ready to go. Crib and dresser are on order. I have the paint color picked out already - iced lavender with white trim. Only need to find a rug I like, add some accent pieces and I'm set.

Benjamin Moore - Iced Lavender
Andi's mom and sister volunteered to help paint this weekend and I'm so thankful. My goal this week is to tape the room so we're ready to go on Sunday.

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  1. Oh yes, the Facebook announcement. Nothing is really true until it's known to the Facebook world :) All never forget how we sat there refreshing the page after we announced our engagement on Facebook, it was hilarious watching the comments and 'likes' roll in!