Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

I'm feeling so blessed this Easter weekend - and generally, for that matter - life is so good!

Andi and I traveled back to Nebraska to celebrate the holiday with my family this year. We hopped in the car Friday afternoon and pulled into town late Friday night. That seven-hour drive is killer sometimes, especially when the weather is crappy like to was for most of our road trip. Nonetheless, we were so excited when my niece Brookie and my sister Ashley were waiting for us at my parent's house. Brookie got a pass to stay up late and greet us with lots of hugs and kisses for the baby bump.

Saturday morning, we all got up early and headed to the YMCA for Brookie's first soccer game. Unfortunately, the weather was still crappy (40 degrees, super windy and it eventually started to sprinkle) but the little 3-year-olds on Team Guinea Pig (seriously, that's their team name!) gave it their best shot. It wasn't really a game as much as a practice to show the little kids how to kick the ball into the goal but we had a great time watching her play. I was so proud of her too! She was one of the best behaved little kids on her team, patiently waiting in line for her turn to kick the ball and never using her hands once. Crazy how grown up she's becoming.

Later that afternoon, a few of us cruised over to a house my sister is in the process of purchasing. It needs a little work, but it'll cute and full of character - perfect first home for her.

Brookie at her soon-to-be new house

Found: 1 random rake
Time to start some yard work

Belly's getting big!

On Easter Sunday, we went to church together and then came back to my parent's house to celebrate. It was the sweetest thing, Brookie learned the story of Easter at her Lutheran preschool and in the most somber voice told everyone how Jesus died on the cross. It's not funny I realize, but it was so hard to keep a straight face as her wide-as-saucer eyes told us all about his hands being nailed to the cross. What a smart little chickie. Then we all clapped and celebrated when we discussed how Jesus is alive. She liked that part, too. :)

My mom made a big spread of food and we ate and socialized with the family all day. A perfect holiday! And, what family event would be complete without a few photos too ...

The Family

Our little family
Andi, myself and our little baby bump

And a few out-takes, too ...

Breaking out a few dance moves ...

Someone loves the camera!

Ok, I do too!

Sad to leave all the fun on Sunday afternoon, but it was a must. Feeling super tired this week thanks to all the hub-bub but excited for our first cabin trip this weekend!