Thursday, April 7, 2011

Food Diary: Day 4

Started my day running late again today, so I left the house without time for breakfast. I see a trend developing in these food diary posts ...

My first appointment was a staff meeting and we always have bagels there anyway. They're not the healthiest breakfast option I could've chosen, but I ate an asiago cheese bagel with reduced-fat cream cheese none the less. No picture to show you of this one though, as I spent far too long in the meeting trying to figure out how to take a picture without everyone noticing me. No dice.

A few hours later, I met a few co-workers for lunch. I ordered a tuna sandwich for the third time this week, partly because it was pretty tasty the first two times and partly because it was the "healthier" option in the food court. I only ate half the sandwich and chips because I was still semi-full from the bagel earlier in the morning. I'm also done with tuna sandwiches for a while, I think. Three a week is a little excessive.

Tuna salad on croissant with lettuce and tomato and a side of chips

I got a small fruit cup with my lunch as well, but saved it for my afternoon snack around 3pm. I REALLY wanted that dang Twix bar which was still sitting in the office. I opted for the fruit instead.

Mixed fruit cup

I rushed home from work today and grabbed Chloe for a walk around the neighborhood. It was GORGEOUS outside today! High 50's and full sun. I found myself smiling on my drive home because the sun and fresh air felt so good on my skin. Chloe and I walked around the block and to a nearby park. I'm starting to feel less winded each day I walk outside so I'm definitely planning to keep it up. Gotta keep my preggo belly moving!

Chloe and I rushed home to meet my SIL Lindsay. We jumped into the car and drove out to Andi's parent's house for dinner. His grandma Dee was over for dinner too, and we had a really nice evening talking about the baby and catching up. My MIL Janie made an awesome dinner for everyone. She's so thoughtful and purchased all my pregnancy favorites - San Pellegrino water with sliced lemons and limes, fruits, organic milk and lemon sorbet for dessert.

Fresh fruits and veggies
For dinner, Janie made a fresh salad, Rice Krispie chicken, asparagus, herbed potatoes and sliced a French baguette. Rice Krispie chicken is one of Andi's favorite meals, his mom said. I bet he's sorry he was traveling this week because it was REALLY GOOD! I ate most of my chicken breast, asparagus, salad, potatoes and a slice of bread, then went back for seconds for the salad. Love Janie's salads. She also made Rice Krispie treats for dessert and I had two of those (not pictured). They were pretty small, ok?

Chicken breast, herbed potatoes, asparagus, salad and organic milk

I'm full tonight, but surprisingly not stuffed considering my big yummy dinner. No bedtime snack needed for me tonight. I drank 132oz of water today as well as a few glasses of San Pellegrino. I find it harder to control portioning now that I'm pregnant. Tonight the meal was so good, I took seconds on items I know I wouldn't have if I didn't have a growing belly to hide it. Blogging my food intake has definitely helped me avoid most of the sweets I crave throughout the day. I feel like I'm letting everyone down if I stuff myself with candy so I just skip it, or opt for fruit instead. Can't say I'd want to take a photo of everything I eat for the next four months, but at least it's helped me stay focused this week!

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