Saturday, April 9, 2011

Food Diary: Day 6

Andi's home!

He pulled in early this morning, back from a boat photo shoot in Missouri. We decided today called for a cafe breakfast so we could catch up and spend some time together. We tried Bon Vie, a French bistro not far from our wedding reception site in St. Paul. It was yummy! I ordered a decaf coffee, French toast and two slices of bacon. I also snagged a few bites of Andi's hashbrowns too.

French Toast and bacon

Andi wanted to stop by his grandma's house for a visit next. We never show up empty handed, so we made a stop by Cake Eater Bakery, a few blocks away from her house, for some treats. Andi ran inside while I waited in the car and surprised us all with delicious homemade goodies like a lemon strawberry bar, blueberry pie bar, shortbread cookie, chai spice cookie, coconut macaroon and two cupcakes. After we arrived at Andi's grandma's house, we split them all into fourths and invited his Aunt Barb and Uncle Ken over to share. They wanted to know what the news was (last time we stopped by with treats, we announced we were pregnant! Everyone was joking that we were probably calling them over to break the news it was twins).

Pastries and treats

We left Grandma Marion's house and came home. Andi wanted to take a nap (he drove through the night to make it home from Missouri earlier and was exhausted). I didn't want to waste my Saturday indoors so while he was sleeping, I spring-cleaned my backyard. After working outside for 2 1/2 hours, my legs were so sore. I bet I won't be able to MOVE tomorrow! I mulched up about a bag of leaves, cut back some of the dead shrubbery so new could grow in and churned up my compost pile. I also attempted to power wash our deck with Andi's new power washer he got for Christmas, except our house's water pressure hardly put any "power" into the washing. Andi's going to investigate; he thinks I might not have assembled it correctly, but I know I did. I broke out the directions and everything.

I accidentally skipped lunch since I was working so hard in the yard, but by the time I came inside around 5pm I was starving. I took a shower and got ready to for dinner at a new taco restaurant by our house called the Rusty Taco. They feature street tacos (Andi's favorite) and even had queso and chips (my favorite). I ordered the Rusty Nail taco (pork with pineapple garnish) and a Chicken Taco, but along side with the queso/chips I was only able to eat the pork one before getting too full.

Chicken Taco, Rusty Nail Taco and Queso/Chips to share

We stopped at Walgreens and picked up some ice cream for dessert. I chose a pint of Ben and Jerry's Half Baked and snagged a mini pack of Peeps candy too. I was still too full from dinner though, I only ate 4 marshmallow Peeps for my evening snack (not pictured).

Water intake was HORRIBLE today. Between my morning decaf coffee with breakfast (my Saturday treat) and working outside all afternoon, I forgot to drink anything. I probably only had about 32oz of water today. SHAME! Tomorrow, I'll work for better.


In other news ... Andi felt Baby Dick move today!!!! To see his face light up like a kid on Christmas morning was so amazing. The baby has been so active this weekend and I love our new connection together!

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