Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Furniture!

Sometimes, I think my husband and I overwhelm others.

Andi called me at work Monday afternoon and asked if I wanted to go furniture shopping. Buying a bigger house is exciting and all, but you forget about the hidden costs of furnishing all of empty rooms! In particular, we'll have an empty upstairs living room and three-season porch. We also wanted buy a new bedroom set and move our existing downstairs to the spare bedroom. So! A lot to shop for!

After work, we visited about four or five furniture stores and really, they're all the same. Slimy salespeople following you around the store and truthfully, mostly the same furniture pieces at every place. It doesn't take Andi and I long to decide what we like once we see it; it was just a matter of finding it.

At 8:45pm, we bopped into the last store and apologized to the worker for arriving 15 minutes prior to closing. Cutting to the chase, we asked Stell, the sales lady, to show us her best stuff. And a half hour later, we walked out with a new bedroom set, living room couch/chair and a three-season porch sofa/love seat set.

Three-Season Porch Sofa and Love Seat

Bedroom Set
Living Room Sofa / Love Seat

Stell was surprised at our quick decision making to say the least. "You sure you don't want to go home and measure," she said, literally talking us OUT of buying the furniture on the spot.

"Nope, we're closing on a new house and having a baby," Andi told her. We'll take it all.

And so, we can cross one more thing off the list! New house is furnished. Movers are booked. Painters booked. Cleaners booked. This deal is really happening!

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  1. We didn't measure either. I knew we needed a smaller condo-sized sofa for our upstairs living room, but other than that we figured all of our rooms were big enough for most stuff. We furnished our entire house (save for two guest rooms) in one shopping trip.

    I'm also in total agreement about the smarminess of the salespeople! We moved from department to department at one of the big box stores until we found someone we liked. Most of them were a step above used car salesmen.

    Reading your posts about your house process have made me wish I would have done a better job of documenting our house purchase.