Thursday, June 16, 2011

Two out of three is .... CRAZY

They say the three biggest moments in life are getting married, having a baby and buying a house. And as if things aren't crazy enough around here, Andi and I made an offer on a house today. If all goes through, we'd close in mid-July which is just three weeks before Baby's due. We started looking at houses a few weeks ago, so I suppose we brought the chaos onto ourselves. Honestly though, I didn't think we'd find something so quickly.

The house we found is in a Twin Cities suburb, about 10 minutes from downtown Minneapolis. It's a beautiful 4 bedroom / 3 bathroom rambler with an open floor plan, fireplace, three-season porch, big backyard and attached two-car garage. Simply stated, it's WAY more space than we have now and all the finishes are top-notch.

There are a few glitches. First, they're asking more than we're willing to pay, so the business of negotiating begins. I'm doubtful they'll come down to our top offer so it may not even go through. We're also still wrestling with the idea of moving to the suburbs because we'd be giving up the centralized location our current house provides and all the urban charm it offers too. On the flip side, the "suburb" house is about five minutes from Andi's office and would provide a greater work/life balance for our little family. If Andi could spend evenings at home and be less stressed after sitting in traffic after work, I think a move to the suburbs would be worth it (as long as we weren't too far from the city). Finally, the new house is closer in proximity to Andi's parents which would be an awesome benefit with a new baby.

The timing of this whole thing couldn't be more complicated. If all goes through, we'd close in mid-July which is just weeks before Baby is set to arrive into the world. I can't wrap my brain around the thought of packing up our current house at nine months pregnant or leaving the brand new nursery I've worked so hard to decorate. I asked Andi if he was stressed about it all and he responded with a simple no. We aren't selling our house (we'll rent the duplex level we live in and the other half of our place is rented until next spring) so he says we'll bring the baby home to our current house and can move to the new place in our own time. This makes sense in theory but in reality means I'll then be packing and moving and un-packing with a newborn baby swaddled to my body. Not exactly the calming, nurturing environment I imagined bringing her into.

So wish us luck! Or send a prayer or two our way ... I'm not sure which to request. We should know more news soon.


  1. Good luck! Sounds like if you get the house you'd be closer to my side of town :)

  2. We moved out of our home in Colorado when Keenan was 2 weeks old... talk about stress on top of no sleep!! Thankfully we had movers to help us but it was still a clusterf*@k! Good Luck!!!

  3. Oh my gosh! I know people do it, but WOW, talk about stress. If you can do it, I can do it right!