Thursday, June 30, 2011

Renters Found!

After being posted on Craigslist for less than 24 hours, we found renters for our house! What a blessing this is - we are ready to move into our new house on July 15. No more to-do's on our task list.

We've lived in our St. Paul house for 5 years and over time have spent many hours remodeling and updating our old house. I know what a beautiful home we have, but I think Andi and I forgot just HOW NICE we really have it here. We listed our place for $50 more than we thought it was worth fetching, received two phone calls within 12 hours of posting the ad and had interest from both groups who looked at our place. We selected two ladies as our renters and they're ready to move in August 1. No one bocked at the price which makes me very proud. We truly created a beautiful home here and it shows.

Finding someone to rent our place is bittersweet. Although this wasn't the first place Andi and I lived together, it feels like it was. It's the first house we picked out together and the first place we made into our home. It's the place we lived when we got married and the place our baby was made. Last night over dinner, as I looked at Andi and expressed my feelings with puppy-dog eyes, he reminded me we still own this place and we can visit anytime we like. I guess that's true, but it'll never be the same.

We're moving up to bigger and better things. I know we'll be happy at our new house - it's perfect for this new chapter in our lives. But this old house will always have a place in my heart.


  1. Definitely bittersweet, but your new house is where you get to bring home your beautiful girl and make all sorts of new memories :)

    And slightly creepy question, is your house over by St. Kate's? That's my alma mater and the house looks rather familira....maybe I'm crazy!

  2. Yep :) You're right! Good memory!