Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Best of Intentions

Almost only counts in horse shoes and hand granades...

Inspired by a recent post on my cousin Jen's blog, I've set a goal for myself to attend church a minimum of two times per month. Two out of four (or sometimes five) weekends a month doesn't sound like a real challenge but with busy work schedules, traveling and jammed-packed social calendars ... it's a real challenge for us.

September update: zero times.

This morning we woke up, showered and left our house in plenty of time to make it to the service. We attend First Free Church in South Minneapolis, a 10 minute drive from our house across the Mississippi River. The quickest route from point A to point B? Via the scenic Minnehaha Parkway. And, it never fails ... there's always some sort of organized sporting event in this area on Sunday mornings. Damn you physically fit people!
Today's event was some sort of bike race and all the streets along the parkway were barracaded. We drove around in circles for 40 minutes (40 minutes!) trying to get to the other side of the parkway. I've never seen so many dead-end streets and curvy streets that lead to nowhere.
By this point, church had already started and we STILL hadn't found our way there. So we decided to go to Bed, Bath & Beyond instead to return a few duplicate wedding gifts and use some the BB&B gift cards we've received for showers/wedding gifts. After BB&B, we went to the Mall of America to pick out outfits for the upcoming wedding reception. No luck, but I did find some work pants at The Limited. Apparently, The Limited is 'going green' with their new shopping bags (which I fully applaude) but are poorly manufacturered. The bag's paper handle ripped off half way to the car. How annoying is that?!

All that excitment was enough for one day. We're laying low and watching movies now. Sorry God we didn't make it to church today ... we really tried.

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