Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Chloe Update

Thanks to all my gal pals who expressed concern for little miss Chloe. I'm happy to report she's feeling much better today. She's still not back to 100% but today she ate her special doctor-prescribed dog food and chasing squirrels in the backyard. Progress made.

I'm still not sure what was the matter with her yesterday. As Andi said - she could have eaten rabbit poo under the deck ... could have eaten a plant or leaf that didn't agree with her ... could have eaten an old french fry she found under the bed ... could have picked up something on one of her walks. Got it Andi - point is, whatever was bothering her must have left her system. (And let's hope we don't have old french fries under our bed. Ewww)!
I can't imagine what it'll feel like to have a little one someday. My heart was breaking yesterday when I saw she was in pain. And I worried all day today while I was at work. Thankfully, things are on the up and up with my little pooch!

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  1. I think Paislee has caught the same thing Chloe had! She has been so sick the last two days. We came home today and found throw up ALL over our bed. She has the WHOLE house. Don't have time to get the comforter to the cleaner before bed tonight, so I guess we will be camping out with sleeping bags for the next few nights! I feel for her though, she has the glazed over sick look. The vet told us to take her off food for 24 hours if that doesn't help she has to go in. Tomorrow she is back in her playpen for sure!