Sunday, September 6, 2009

Day Trip to Taylors Falls

Andi and I decided to stay in the Twin Cities for Labor Day weekend and planned a few fun day trips around the area. There's tons of fun things to do around here but how often do you really explore them?

Today we went to Taylors Falls just north of the Cities to hike around and have a picnic. We had the best time! Taylors Falls is situated on the St. Croix River with big cliffs and hiking trails all along the Minnesota and Wisconsin borders. We brought Chloe along so she could get some exercise too. The best part about the trails - they weren't too steep and were easy to hike. Each one was about .5 to 1 mile and all looped back to the beach / parking area. When Andi and I first started dating, he'd always want to go hiking and I'd complain the whole way. But I actually enjoy it now! We had a great time today.

My parents gave us a nice Eddie Bauer picnic basket last summer, but we haven't had the chance to use it yet. Today Andi packed a nice lunch of wine, cheeses, bread, fruit and pasta salad
Chloe crashing our picnic!She wanted to eat our lunch so badly!
My favorite wine! James Arthur from Raymond, Nebraska - yum!Andi busted out this huge Arizona tea from the picnic basket. I about died with laughter!

The view of the St. Croix River was amazing!On our way home, we stopped by this road-side stand to buy some sweet corn.

Tomorrow's adventure? Valley Fair Amusement Park with our friends Val and Brionn!

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