Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wedding Reception Countdown

We're t-3 weeks to our wedding reception on October 10. Tonight we went to check out the space at 526 Gallery (where we're hosting the party), measure and finalize planning.

The space we've rented - 526 Gallery - is a full service salon, spa and art gallery. We love the space and appreciate how flexible the gallery owner is in allowing us to plan our event. We plan to display our photos in the gallery using video and printed images.

Here's what we're thinking:

Photographic wedding images and text on the outside windows of the Gallery

Inside the gallery. We're using the table in the back for desserts and keeping the artwork / displays to add visual appeal

The hallway leading to the gallery. We're planning to keep the artwork and add photos of our wedding down the sides

Most important part?
The BAR (an old antique 'beauty bar'). We've hired 2 bartenders to serve beer and wine

We stopped by Solo Vino, the wine store we're purchasing our bottles from after visiting the gallery to purchase our wine. Seven cases is a lot of wine, but they're letting us use their wine glasses for FREE!

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