Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dress Me: Wedding Reception (the winner!)

My wedding reception dresses came in the mail today. I carefully tried on each one and easily decided which one I'm going to wear next Friday. The black ones wins by a long shot.

It fits good, is cute and comfortable. Perfect for the party.

The long sleeve sweater dress was a close second. It's cute too, but not as form fitting. I might bust it out if God dumps 12 inches of snow on the ground between now and then. Otherwise, black wins.

I'll keep the turtleneck sweater dresses and wear it to work and church (it was too all-business for my wedding reception). Pretty impressive buy all together -- 3 dresses for $90!

OK friends ... so the big question, what should I wear with the dress? It's short sleeve so should I wear a pashmina with it? I have a green one. What shoes should I wear? A cute, fun heel or boots and tights? Do you like the necklace the model is wearing? I have one similar to that ...



  1. I would say boots & tights (a subtle patterned tight might be cute) would look great. I like the necklace if you are going for more of a young, fun look. Otherwise maybe you could do some bigger earrings & bracelet?

    PS - You'll look fab no matter what you wear :)

    PPS - I miss you! Down with UDS for taking up all your time.

  2. Yes, I like the necklace a lot. And I think boots would be super cute. Please don't say another word about the possiblity of snow! I might cry. I'm going to have to go shopping this weekend myself to find something to wear to your party. BTW, it's Saturday, not friday, right? You said you were wearing it next friday in your post and I thought uh-oh, better change my plans or I'm going to miss the reception. :) ha ha!