Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Funday

I had a great weekend!
It was the first Saturday/Sunday I've had as of late with no Gopher home game. It was so nice to recharge with a little 'me' time. And it truly did me some good. (I did do a little work Saturday morning but it was only to complete my mileage expense report...$450 collected was well worth it).

First, Andi and I got up and went to church. The "fit people of Minneapolis" were out in full force again today (Women's Marathon on the Minnehaha Parkway) which almost prevented us from making it to church again. Luckily, we were on to this trend and went the long way around. Made it to church on time! Glad we went's sermon was about finding a way to serve. Of the long list of activities to volunteer: the nursery where I feel I'll fit in just fine. What's better than holding little babies for a few hours a day?

Next, Andi and I went for a walk at Theodore Worth Park with Andi's mom. We took Chloe along too. We also went to the famous Cherry and the Spoon sculpture in Minneapolis. I'd never been there before and it was neat to see it close up.
Janie, Chloe & I
Andi, Chloe & I
Janie and & in the flower garden
Andi & I near another sculpture
Ever read celebrity gossip magazines where they called out star 'bump watches?' And the star is always quoted later as saying "no baby, only cheeseburgers." Yea, I totally get that. For all you bump watchers out there ... it's just the newlywed 9.
Tonight, Andi made an awesome dinner for the two of us. Bleu Cheese Flank Steak, boiled potatoes and marshmellow squash. Yum! See why it's gonna be hard to lose the 9???
How gourmet is this?!
Tonight we're settling in to watch some good TV. The season premiere of Desperate Housewives and Mad Men is on tonight. Happy weekend!

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  1. Looks like a great weekend! I was just going to comment how thin I thought you looked in all your pictures - you have NOTHING to worry about!!